Drag Racer Set to Return After Massive 2016 Crash

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After injuries in her Fox Body, Georgina Buckley will return to NMCA competition with new Mustang and safety-conscious attitude.

Georgina Buckley will race a yellow Mustang in 2018. After her August 2016 crash at the NMCA World Street Finals, that was never a foregone conclusion.

During the second round of that event at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, the throttle stuck on Buckley’s ‘85 Mustang. The car struck the wall head on. Buckley suffered serious injuries in the crash: six broken ribs, a cracked sternum, and a concussion.

Georgina Buckley Ford Mustang Drag Racing NMCA

“I realized that the NecksGen device I was wearing basically saved my life and I would have been killed or paralyzed without it,” Buckley told Race Pages Digital. “I hit the wall so hard that my driveshaft shattered, my rear end split, the block broke in two places, and everything got pushed back six or seven inches. My aluminum racing seat actually bent at the top where my head hit, and buckled in back even though it never moved from where it was bolted to the cage.”

After some recovery time, they started building a new car for Georgina. She plans to return to the NMCA competition in 2018 with the S197, wearing yellow, of course.

This time around, the Buckleys focused on more than making the nitrous-powered Mustang quick. They wanted to build it safely, first and foremost.

Instead of an aluminum racing seat, they opted for a wraparound, containment-style seat. In addition, they had Spaghetti Menders install an ‘Oh S**t’ button for Georgina. That button kills all power and throws out the parachute automatically in case of a similar failure. There’s also a main power switch and a cage-style pedal that Georgina can manually pull up if the pedal sticks.

We’re eager to see Georgina back in the Street Outlaw class at NMCA events next year. Read the whole interview with Race Pages Digital right here.

[Photo: Buckley Motorsports on Facebook]

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