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Brutally-fast SN95 Mustang Catches Some Serious Air at Drag Strip

jmalcom Mustang

We did some digging to uncover the truth about this insane, wheel-hopping Mustang GT.

  Comments | By - January 7, 2019

Procharged 1967 Mustang Slaughters Nitrous Fox Body

Mustang Wheels Up

Fox Body encounters imminent traction control issues while the classic fastback remains straight as an arrow.

  Comments | By - November 26, 2018

S550 Mustang Goes Airborne While Ripping 7-second Passes

S550 Mustang

Lund Racing reaches “new heights” in their 1,400 horsepower, 3,750 pound, twin-turbo Mustang.

  Comments | By - November 16, 2018

Titan Fox Body Decimates Everyone in Quarter-mile Race

Mustang Drag Racing in Georgia

“X-Factor” Mustang gives no quarter to its brethren at Georgia Motorsports Park with Lady Luck surely on its side.

  Comments | By - November 13, 2018

Fox Body Brutes Show the Ferocity of All-motor Power in L.A.

We don’t condone street racing, but these rival notchback Mustangs having a wicked bout for $1,800 is indeed entertaining. 

  Comments | By - October 23, 2018

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