Classic EV Mustang Has 800 Raging Horses

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EV Mustang

Tesla-killing 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.4 seconds & an impressive 10.7-second quarter-mile pass make this all-electric pony a track day beast.

For years, we were taught that all-electric vehicles were boring. Nothing more than planet-saving, tree-hugging “hippie mobiles.” But then along came Tesla and those notions of painfully-slow commutes and raging range anxiety disappeared. EVs were not only cool all of a sudden, but they were also suddenly out-accelerating the fastest internal combustion powered cars on the planet. And yet, this vintage EV Mustang is still a bit of a shock in more ways than one.

While most would consider it blasphemy, owner Mitch Medford sees things a little differently. Gas 2 recently interviewed Medford to shed some light on his vision. “For me, building an electric muscle car is less about being environmentally responsible and more about the amazing performance that electric motors offer,” he said. “Just like intercooled turbos and superchargers revolutionized the (internal combustion engine) performance industry, I feel that electric motors are the next major advancement in hot rodding.”

And judging by his contribution to this movement, who are we to argue? With 800 all-electric horsepower, Medford’s EV Mustang is more than capable of running with just about anything. The owner claims that he’s ripped off a Tesla-killing 0-60 time of 2.4 seconds, for starters. His best quarter-mile pass to date is an equally impressive 10.7 seconds at 129 MPH. And unlike many EVs, this Mustang doesn’t run out of “gas” after that. In fact, Medford has reached 175 mph at the Texas Mile, so this thing’s clearly got long legs.

EV Mustang

Sure, there are plenty of gasoline (and diesel) powered vehicles that can easily match and/or exceed that performance. But that technology has been around for over 150 years. By contrast, electric power is relatively young, especially when you’re talking about it as a viable, turnkey automotive offering. Just imagine where we’ll be in another century or so.

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