Robert Downey Jr. Has One Kickass Boss 302 Restomod

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Robert Downey Jr.'s Mustang Boss 302

Carbon fiber body parts, a custom chassis, and 667 horsepower make this Boss 302 the only car Iron Man would be proud of.

When you’re the universally-loved Hollywood actor who gets to play freaking Marvel Comics’ Iron Man on the big screen, driving around in some boring car isn’t in the cards. No, when your name is Robert Downey Jr., you have a reputation to uphold. Given the fact that he’s one of the highest paid actors on the planet, you might think that Downey Jr. would simply opt for a newfangled, exotic supercar. But you’d be oh so wrong.

Instead, Iron Man tools around in this amazing 1970 Mustang Boss 302 built by SpeedKore Performance, as reported by Maxim. Obviously, some will decry the actor’s decision to chop up an original ’70 Boss 302. But if nothing else, it makes the one you own even more rare and valuable, no? So just look as this as one guy doing you a solid. And now we can move on and appreciate this incredible build for what it is. The goodness begins under the hood, where you’ll find not the original 302, but a modern 5.0 topped with a massive twin-screw supercharger. With 667 raging ponies, Robert Downey Jr. won’t have any trouble outrunning the paparazzi.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Mustang Boss 302

Throwing that much power at a stock ’70 Mustang chassis would have been foolish, of course. So SpeedKore replaced it with a complete Detroit Speed aluminum frame and Pro Touring QuadraLink suspension. One-off HRE wheels ensure exclusivity, though they’re designed to mimic ’60s style Panasport hoops.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Mustang Boss 302

Largely hand-formed carbon fiber covers much of the body, including the hood, fenders, bumpers, chin spoiler, quarter extensions, deck lid, and valance. Finally, the whole shebang sports a very unique color choice – Tuscany, a khaki-yellow hue. The end result is one of the coolest Mustangs you’ll ever see – stock or otherwise. And what else would you expect from one of the coolest and most talented guys in Hollywood?

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