Mecum Auctioning First Hardtop Production Mustang

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This 1965 Mustang Is Supposedly the First Production Mustang Coupe to Be Assigned a Serial Number

If you call yourself a diehard pony car fan, you really don’t need anyone to convince you about what makes a ’65 Mustang special. As the first full Mustang model year, the historical element alone should conjure up a sense of pride.

But if it doesn’t, then this video should do the trick. It stars a 1965 Caspian Blue Ford Mustang, which is set to cross the block at Mecum Auctions in May.

first production mustang coupe

The car, owned by Bob Fria, is flat-out breathtaking. It’s a great example of why ’65 Mustangs should be held in high esteem. That said, Mr. Fria’s Mustang is more than “just” a ’65.

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Yep, they just don’t get much more iconic than this. As highlighted in a recent USA Today report, the car is actually the first Mustang to be painted in the iconic color Caspin Blue, which perfectly matches the Blue Crinkle Vinyl interior. Fria’s Mustang is also reportedly the first hardtop in the history of all Mustangs to get a serial number, No. 00002.

Fria actually found the car in a trade publication’s classified section. He then spent two years restoring the Mustang, which features a number of unique details that enhance its historical appeal. He also spent considerable time researching the car to verify its original features, and determined that it is indeed the very first Mustang coupe to be assigned a serial number.

It all should make for an interesting bidding process when this Mustang crosses the block at Mecum in May. Any price guesses?

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