Bertone ’65 Mustang Designed With European Flair

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Bertone’s Custom Take on the Ford Pony Car Was Inspired by a Dislike for the ’65 Model

When it comes to reinterpretations of the Ford Mustang, this might be one of the coolest ones we’ve seen.

The car, known as the Bertone Mustang, was actually commissioned by Scott Bailey, a former publisher for Automobile Quarterly. He wanted his ’65 Mustang restyled with a European flair, as highlighted in a Car Design News report.

The publisher actually convinced air carrier Alitalia to fly the car to Italy as a sponsor of the project. There, Bailey elicited the design expertise of Carrozzeria Bertone of Turin to bring his idea to life. But one of the most interesting parts of the story is why Bailey picked the ’65 Mustang at the time, among all the other cars he could have selected.

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“The European motor press has reported on its performance – on the road and in competition – with undeniable enthusiasm. But somewhat less enthusiastic has been their regard for the Mustang’s styling, which one writer has described as ‘a form not fully resolved between a sedan and a sports car.'”

Wait. Was that European writer talking about the original ‘65 Ford Mustang? Cause we always thought it was one of the most groundbreaking cars ever.

Yep, apparently that’s the story Bailey’s going with. Which seems pretty wild, considering how coveted the ’65 Mustang is around the world at this point.

In fact, we suspect that writer might now admit he missed the mark. But it doesn’t take anything away from the unique beauty of the ’65 Bertone Mustang, which was born from such a perspective.

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