How to Lower your Mustang Cobra

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The Mustang Cobra is a powerful and
unique addition to the Mustang lineup from Ford. This vehicle has an
attractive muscle car appearance on the outside and a powerful engine to
match, and it features excellent handling and other perks as well. It’s
one of the top collector cars among all of the different types of
Mustangs. Many people who own Cobras wish to put a personal spin on the
vehicle to set it apart from other cars on the road. One of the ways to
do this is through a custom body job on the vehicle. Lowering your Cobra
with a specialized suspension springs kit is one of the best means of
accomplishing this goal for a small amount of money. Although the
suspension system is easy to install at home, however, it can be
dangerous, so it’s important that you exercise caution throughout the
installation procedure.

Step 1 — Gather the Appropriate Materials

You’ll need the following tools and equipment in order to lower your Mustang Cobra:

  • Hydraulic jack and two tall jack stands
  • Torque wrench
  • New suspension springs kit for the Cobra
  • Ratchet system
  • Socket wrench and spare sockets
  • Breaker bar
  • Assistant to help throughout the project

Step 2 — Prepare the Cobra

First, park your Cobra on a flat, even space with plenty of room
around it in which you’ll be able to work. You should check to make sure
that the emergency break is activated in the car, and then put the
vehicle in park if it’s an automatic transmission. Then use the
hydraulic jack stand to raise the front end of the car up so that you’ll
be able to access the underside of it easily. Mount it on the jack
stands so that there is plenty of room underneath the car.

Step 3 — Remove the Front Springs

Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right before you work on
the driver’s side of the car. Next, loosen the lug nuts on both sides of
the front wheels so that you can access the suspension system behind
the wheels. Later, when you work on the passenger’s side of the vehicle,
turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. To remove the spring,
cut the caliper bolt and move the caliper out of the way with the
breaker bar. Have your assistant help you in carefully decompressing the
spring, being careful not to let it go or else you might be injured or
the car may be damaged. Remove both springs in this manner.

Step 4 — Replace the Front Springs

The two front springs are interchangeable, so it doesn’t matter which
one you put on which side of the car. Have the assistant hold open the
A-Arm on the vehicle side so that you can place the new spring into
place in the top isolator. Fasten it in place and then secure the lug
nuts once again on that side. Repeat for the other side of the car, then
remove the vehicle from the jack stands and mount the jack stands up on
the rear of the vehicle to continue, being sure to allow a couple of
feet of the car to hang out over the stands.

Step 5 — Remove and Replace the Rear Springs

Next, copy the process of removing and replacing the front springs
with the rear ones. Rather than place them in the top isolator, secure
them in the bottom isolator. Additionally, you won’t need to move the
steering wheel as you remove the springs. However, you should plan on
paying careful attention to which spring is which, as the rear springs
are not interchangeable in the same way that the front ones are and must
be placed according to where they are designed to go.

Remove the vehicle from the jack stands and check to make sure that
everything is level and even before you drive it again. If you have
questions about how to lower your Mustang Cobra, or if you’d like more
advice on how to go about the process as smoothly as possible, ask a
professional for more information.

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