How to Lower your Mustang Saleen

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The Mustang Saleen is one of the most
popular of all of Mustang’s line of cars under the Ford manufacturer.
The Saleen is both sleek and elegant and a powerful muscle car,
combining elements of different types of vehicles from Ford’s production
line. It’s no surprise then that it is one of the most popular muscle
cars of its type amongst collectors and auto enthusiasts. Many of these
owners wish to modify or customize their Saleen to give it a personal
touch. One of the best ways to do this is by lowering the car with a new
springs kit, available wherever suspension systems are sold in your
area. These kits are relatively easy to install, but they can be
somewhat dangerous, so it’s important to exercise caution at all times
when you’re working on this project.

Step 1 — Collect Your Materials

You’ll need the following materials in order to properly lower your Mustang Saleen:

  • Hydraulic jack and two separate jack stands for holding the vehicle
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket wrench with multiple socket sizes
  • New suspension springs kit for the Saleen
  • Assistant to help throughout the procedure
  • Breaker bar

Step 2 — Prepare the Car

Begin by parking the Saleen in a flat and open area that you’ll have
plenty of space to work in. Set the emergency break on the car, and put
it into park if it’s an automatic transmission. Then, raise up the front
end of the Saleen with the automatic jack and fit it onto the jack
stands securely so that there is plenty of room for you to work
underneath the front of the vehicle.

Step 3 — Remove the Front Springs

The front springs in the vehicle are the more dangerous ones to
remove. First, turn the steering wheel all the way to the right before
you work on the driver’s side springs. Loosen the lug nuts on both front
wheels so that you have access to the suspension system behind them.
Next, use the breaker bar to unfasten the caliper bolt and move the
caliper out of the way. With your assistant’s help, carefully decompress
the loaded spring so that it’s safe to remove from the system. This is
the part of the project that is the most dangerous of all. Turn the
steering wheel to the other side and repeat the process with the other
spring as well.

Step 4 — Replace the Front Springs

The front springs can be replaced in either order; they are
interchangeable between each other. Have your assistant hold open the
A-Arm inside of the wheel so that you can place the suspension spring
into the A-Arm top isolator. Fit the new spring into the isolator and
secure it into place in order to attach it. Repeat the same process for
the other side, then reattach the caliper and close up both wheels
securely. Next, lower the vehicle down to the ground and mount up the
rear of the Saleen with the hydraulic jack so that you can access the
back of the car as well.

Step 5 — Remove and Replace the Rear Springs

You can next remove and replace the rear springs of the car in much
the same way as you did the front ones. The primary difference is that
you’ll need to put the rear springs on in a specific order, as set forth
by the instructions in the kit. They are not interchangeable as the
front ones are. Additionally, you will not need to turn the steering
wheel as you work. Finally, mount the replacement rear springs in the
bottom isolator, not the top isolator. When you’ve completed this
replacement procedure, remove the car from the jack stands and check to
make sure that it is entirely level before you drive it once again.

All of the materials that are necessary for this project are
available either at a basic auto body shop or at a hardware store. For
more information on how to lower your Mustang Saleen, speak with a
professional custom body specialist in your area or with a Mustang

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