How To Replace your Mustang’s Battery

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No matter how impressive your Ford Mustang may be in outward appearance, if it doesn’t have a good and reliable Mustang battery
then it will not be able to function as you’d like it to. In most
cases, you’ll have a clear indication from the vehicle if you need to
change out the battery; the car will simply have problems starting or
may stall out and stop at various points as you’re driving. When this
happens, it’s a good idea to check the cable and the attachments of the
positive and negative terminals to be sure that there’s a steady and
healthy connection. If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, take your
car to a service station where you can test the charge on the battery.
You may even need to get a jump from another car with a battery that
works properly.

If none of these things seem to help your situation, it may be time
to replace the battery in your Mustang. Fortunately, this process is
easy. Always use caution when replacing a battery to be sure that you
don’t put yourself in danger.

Step 1 — Gather Your Materials

You’ll need the following materials in order to replace the battery on your Mustang:

  • Replacement battery
  • Socket wrench
  • Terminal puller device
  • Wire brushes
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or other protective eyewear
  • Screwdriver

Step 2 — Locate and Prep the Battery

When the car has been off and the engine has not been running for
several hours, open up the hood of your Mustang and locate the battery
on the driver’s side. Begin by removing the large black bar that stands
in between you and the battery. This should come out by hand, although
you may need the screwdriver to help pry it out carefully.

Step 3 — Disconnect the Existing Battery

Begin by removing the ground wire by hand. Be sure that the wire
itself doesn’t touch any other part of the car as you remove it, and
then set it aside carefully in a place where it will not contact any
other metal. If you do happen to touch it against something else that’s
metal, you may need to replace it entirely, so it pays to be careful
with this part of the process. Next, disconnect the terminal ends of the
battery as well, using the battery terminal puller device. Begin by
disconnecting the negative terminal, then disconnect the positive after

Step 4 — Remove the Battery and Clean the Holder

Carefully lift the battery out of the compartment. use a wire brush
to then clean off the surface of the battery compartment to be sure that
there is no debris or any other buildup inside of it when you install
the new battery. You may even wish to use a damp cloth to clean off the
area as well.

Step 5 — Install the New Battery

Finally, place the replacement battery inside of the now clean
battery compartment. Attach the cable ends to the positive and negative
terminals on the battery, then use the socket wrench to help tighten
them in place so that the connection is secure. Reattach the ground wire
as well, and be sure that everything is properly connected before you
continue. Finally, reattach the black bar that you had to remove
initially which stood in the way of you and the battery. Close the hood
and check on the car to be sure that the battery works.

The materials needed for this project can be found at auto body repair shops or hardware stores.

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