How To Change your Mustang’s Air Filter

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A Mustang air filter is one of the most crucial elements of
the engine block and combustion system in your car. Mustangs, like all
other cars, rely on a certain quality of air in order to properly make
use of the powerful engines and engine systems that they have. You’ll
need to plan on replacing the air filter in your Mustang about once
every 6 months or so, although the frequency with which you’ll need to
examine the air-filter housing and clean the system depends upon how
often you drive the vehicle and the type of driving that you do.

If you don’t change your air filter frequently enough, you’ll find
that the car will start to slip in terms of its overall performance.
Losing performance power is a dangerous thing in a Mustang, as the car
can become unpredictable, in addition to generally failing to respond
how you’d like it to. For those reasons, and to protect the overall
longevity of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to change your Mustang air
filter regularly and properly. Read on for a step by step guide to how
to change an air filter for a Mustang.

Step 1 — Collect the Proper Materials

Fortunately, you won’t need many materials in order to change out the
air filter on your Mustang car. You’ll actually only need a clean air
filter that is appropriate for the engine that you have (match the new
air filter with the one that exists in the engine for the best results).
You may also find that a screwdriver or another type of prying tool is
helpful in getting the components loose and out of the car engine
system, but this is not entirely necessary.

Step 2 — Prep the Car

Only plan to change the air filter when the car has been off and the
engine hasn’t been running for several hours. This will ensure that all
of the engine components that you may come into contact with will be
cool. When this is the case, pop open the hood on the mustang and use a
bar to keep it propped open throughout the time that you work.

Step 3 — Locate the Air Filter

Find the air filter on the front portion of the engine block. It will
be on the driver’s side and will have a set of components that include a
black box with a raised lid. The box will also have a thin tube that
extends from the outside of it as well.

Step 4 — Open the Filter Housing

Undo the clips on the sides of the filter housing apparatus. Next,
carefully open up the lid of the black box to expose the air filter

Step 5 — Remove the Old Filter

Using a screwdriver to help pry it out if necessary, remove the old
air filter from the filter housing and dispose of it in the garbage.

Step 6 — install the New Filter and Replace the Parts

Install the new air filter in the place of the old one. Close the lid
to the filter housing and attach the clips once again. Finally, remove
the bar that’s prying open the hood and close the hood, being sure that
everything is in its proper place before you do. Test out the engine
before you attempt to drive the car and make sure that it is running
fine and not making unusual sounds or idling strangely.

For more assistance, ask a mechanic in your area.

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