Ford Mustang’s Evolution: Watch a Quick Breakdown

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Cars Evolution shows us a timeline featuring every generation of Mustang through the years… in less than five minutes. 

The Ford Mustang has been through a lot in its 54 years of production. From its start as the first pony car to the performance powerhouse it is today, it has remained a legend thanks to names like Shelby, SVT and Roush.

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The YouTube video series Cars Evolution lays out the entire lifespan on the Pony car, listing basic specs and highlights from most every significant factory Mustang built. In their latest video, “Evolution of the Mustang,” they use side-profile renderings of every model listed. The video also displays the engine generations that coincide with the model years.

They lay out the important facts you may not know, including stock horsepower when new, weight and pricing. Watch how the bar graphs increase over time. It’s no surprise the Mustang has become heavier, pricier, but more powerful through the years.

Can you name every generation? What about every engine offering for respective years? Did you know that only 499 Mustang BOSS 429s were built in 1970, or that only 300 Mustang SVT Cobra Rs were built in 2000?

Cars Evolution has produced other vehicle evolutions as well, including versions for the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Corvette. Definitely check those out if you’re a fan of those cars.


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Watch the video and tell us if they missed any models. What interesting pieces of trivia did you learn? Comment below or visit the forums.

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