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S550 Mustang Tires

Stock Pirelli Performance Pack tires leave a lot to be desired. So here are some great recommendations from our Mustang community.

With the S550 Mustang continuing to outsell the competition by leaps and bounds, there are always new owners popping up everywhere. And since the Mustang is one of the most popular vehicles to customize, that’s typically the first thing new owners look to do. Among the endless ways you can upgrade your Mustang, fitting the biggest rubber possible underneath these cars is one of the most popular. Thus, folks like Mustang Forums member AFMarksman are quick to seek advice from those who have experience with such things.

“It’s time for some new rear tires on my 2015 Mustang GT with the performance pack. I haven’t been real happy with the dry traction on the stock tires. I don’t have the budget for new wheels, so what are the widest tires I can fit on the stock ones? Also, which tire do you like for dry traction? Thanks!”

S550 Mustang Tires

This is a very common question around these parts, and for good reason. The stock Pirelli tires on older PP cars aren’t exactly the greatest. But folks like Tribefan have found some great alternatives.

“I just got a set of the new Nitto NT555 G2s on my car on Friday. I’ve only put about 100 miles on them and have only been able to play around a little bit. But so far, I can tell they have much better grip than the stock PP Pirellis. That includes my drive to work this morning when it was 35 degrees. I went with the stock PP sizes, for what it’s worth.”

S550 Mustang Tires

Then again, there’s a reason why Ford switched to the Michelin Pilot Sport tires on the 2018+ PP1 cars. And lots of folks recommend those, including

“You can fit a 305 on it, and Nitto makes a 555 for it. But if you want a good daily driving tire, the Nittos might be too noisy even though they are great for traction. Michelin Pilots are some of the best overall tires out there.”

S550 Mustang Tires

Still, several people including pmacGT tend to stick with smaller tires and run one-inch spacers to get the flush look so many covet.

“I took my 275/40/19 rear tires and put them in the front with a 1″ spacer. Then I ordered the 20×10 PP rear wheels with 305/35/20 M/T tires. You will be amazed in how the car corners!”

Obviously, there are lots of great ways to accomplish roughly the same goal here. So be sure and check out all our member’s great Mustang tire recommendations by heading over here.

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