Mustang Wheels Guide

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One of the most important parts of your Ford Mustang is the wheels.
Whether you opt to keep the standard issue wheels that come with the
vehicle, or if you choose to modify and personalize your car by
purchasing new wheels and installing them, the wheels on your vehicle
give it a completely different appearance. Before you go about
purchasing new wheels or tires for your vehicle, there are a number of
factors that you need to consider; size, performance level, weight,
price and more.


Replika Wheels

Replika has a reputation for producing some of the finest and most
sturdy wheels that are available for Ford Mustangs. What these wheels
lack in gaudiness and flash, they more than make up for in terms of
performance. With a wide selection of size options, as well, you’re sure
to find the right wheels for your vehicle. They are lightweight and
don’t hold the car back at all, or diminish its overall performance.
Replika wheels are priced moderately as well.

Mustang Bullet Wheels

Bullet wheels are a Ford product. They are customized wheels that are
designed to replace those that come standard with the vehicle. While
most Mustang wheels are 17 inches across, these wheeels are larger; at
18 inches, they provide a different type of handling and change the
appearance of the vehicle considerably as well. Mustang Bullet wheels
are a bit flashier than the standard wheels that come with the vehicle,
so they’re a good option if you’re interested in spicing up the
appearance of your Mustang.

Racing Wheels

Racing wheels are designed for high performance. They are generally
quite a bit more expensive than other wheels that you can buy to modify
your Mustang with, but they’ll produce a great deal of difference in
terms of overall performance. These wheels will help to enhance the
handling of your vehicle around turns, the acceleration capabilities of
your car, the ability of your car to stop quickly, and more.

There are a number of different types of wheels that you can buy for
your Mustang in addition to these. For the best selection of wheels and
more information about these different systems for your car, it’s a good
idea to speak with a Ford Mustang dealer or with an auto body specialty
shop representative. Wheels are oftentimes cheapest when you order them

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