Mustang Rims Guide

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One of the best ways to expand upon the basic appearance of your Ford Mustang is with rims
that are customized or different from the standard issue rims. These
not only help to enhance the tires and the wheels on your vehicle, but
they can help to cut down on size and weight from the standard rims,
which can help in turn to increase the overall performance of the
vehicle. Read on for a brief overview of some of the most popular rims
for Mustang vehicles, including information like price and availability.

OEM Rims

OEM rims provide a sporty look to your vehicle without being too
ostentatious. Many owners of Ford Mustangs approve of these rims because
they enhance the appearance of the car without giving up the inherent
class and attractive appearance of the Mustang. These rims are typically
available in 17 inch size for Mustangs. They tend to sell new for about
$350 a piece. They are also amongst the heavier of the different types
of rims that you can select for your vehicle.

Replika Rims

Replika is another leading manufacturer of rims for Mustangs. These
rims tend to be on the larger side at 17 inches each. They are also
famous for being quite minimalist; the rims themselves are constructed
such that it is very easy to see through them and they don’t occupy a
good deal of space. This provides a very unique and interesting
appearance for your wheels. These rims generally cost about $250 each.

Supercoated Rims

Ford manufactures a set of supercoated rims that have a unique gleam
to them. These rims are sturdy and durable, should you plan to drive
your Mustang through areas where they may become tarnished or damaged in
some other way. One of the best traits about these rims is that they
slightly alter the appearance of the Mustang wheels without totally
changing the aesthetic. This makes your vehicle stand out while
maintaining the particular appearance that Ford Mustangs are known for.

Most of these and other rims for the Ford Mustang are available
either in person at a number of different auto body repair and custom
shops in major cities. They are also available for purchase online,
where you can oftentimes find a much better price than in person. Be
sure to shop around for the best prices available to you.

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