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2019 Mustang

While the pony car will be undergoing some changes in the future, it appears we will be waiting longer than expected for something all-new.

The future of the next-generation Mustang has been a bit unclear for some time. Now it seems that the reason the plans have been so vague is that the Blue Oval isn’t ready to roll out the next, and won’t be for at least another six to seven years. According to an article by Automobile, Ford is unlikely to release a new iteration of the Mustang until 2026.

We do know that Ford will be introducing the beastly 700-horsepower Shelby GT500 later this year. And a hybrid Mustang is still expected expected down the road. But, with the exception of some refreshes, the S550 will remain until 2026 or 2027.

ford mustang hybrid

The current Ford Mustang, the S550, was supposed to be followed by the CD6 Mustang, also called the S650. But a source told Automobile that the timeline for that release has been delayed considerably. The release is not expected until at least 2026, with another source claiming that 2028 or 2029 might be more accurate.

Also delayed is the hybrid Mustang, with the source stating it isn’t expected to arrive until 2021.

Automobile states that the next-gen Mustang will be changed over to the rear-drive CD6 platform, also used in the the new Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. As this is a SUV platform, it seems that the upcoming Mustang will get bigger, wider, and embody more muscle car character, something akin to the Dodge Challenger.

2020 Shelby GT500

In the meantime, the S550 will be receiving a makeover to go in step with changes to the Ford D2C platform.

Of course, delays are not unusual. And in this case seems considerably driven by financial factors as well as Ford’s commitments to new technologies from electric and hybrid vehicles, to autonomous driving are also a factor.

While we understand delays are to be expected,  we certainly hope that when the next-gen Mustang finally comes out, it will be worth the wait. And in the meantime, we will have a refreshed S550 and Shelby GT500. And we hope that when the Mustang arrives on the scene, it will do so with guns blazing.

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