SEMA 2009 Gallery: The many faces of the 2010 Mustang

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It’s pretty clear that Ford Motor Company is very proud of the 2010
refresh of the Ford Mustang – even though the Mustang has not yet
received the “big motor news”.  Since launching the 2010 Mustang at the
LA Auto Show last year, Ford has been showing off their proud new baby
like any good doting parent and the 2009 SEMA Show was virtually an
alter to the fabled pony car.


This is nothing new, as the
gigantic Ford display at SEMA is never without a nice spread of
modified Mustangs, and models like the new Cobra Jet and the RTR-C
Mustang fit the SEMA mold nicely.  However, this year featured the
first for Ford as they debuted the first ever Ford Mustang stock car
for NASCAR along with a pair of beautiful Shelby Mustangs being raffled
off to help with veterans charities.  Also, Ford offered up a handful
of production 2010 Mustangs showing off the latest and greatest
‘aftermarket’ additions available from Ford Racing.


Click here for a gallery with more images from of the modified Mustangs brought to SEMA
by Ford Motor Company, and stay tuned to the Detroit Autos Examiner for
more in-depth looks at these high performance Mustangs!

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