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Unbelievably Rare Shelby GT350 Emerges at 2018 L.A. Auto Show

Galpin Ford 1965 Shelby GT350

One of 10 1965 Shelby GT350 sold by famed SoCal Ford dealership languished in a garage for four decades before restoration.

  Comments | By - November 29, 2018

Shelby Mustang GT350 Replica: A Legend You Can Drive

1965 GT350 Mustang Replica

Shelby only made 515 examples of the 1965 GT350 Mustang, but flawless replicas make great cruisers.

  Comments | By - April 25, 2018

Three Hot Mustangs Prepare to Cross Auction Block

Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast auction poised to be another hot draw for collectors.

  Comments | By - June 19, 2017

Poll Results: The Five All-Time Greatest Special Edition Mustangs!

by Patrick RallMustang Forums So just what is the greatest special edition Mustang of all time? You’ll find out in a second. But first, a little back story.   A few months ago, Mustang Forums asked members for nominations for the best special- or limited-edition Mustangs. Obviously, the Pony’s production run insured there was a […] More »

  Comments | By - September 29, 2011

Poll Results: The Five All-Time Greatest Special Edition Mustangs! #1

The 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang The members have spoken, and the the greatest special-edition Ford Mustang of all time is the 2003 SVT Cobra nicknamed “Terminator.” Over the month-long voting process, the vicious snake garnered 27% of the votes, and it’s easy to see why. Along with its aggressive styling, this was the first Mustang […] More »

  Comments | By - September 1, 2010

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