The Tricky Aerodynamics of the 2015 Mustang

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One of the wonderful things about writing for The Mustang Source is that the more car videos I watch and the more automotive articles I read, the better equipped I am to do my job.  It’s a real win-win situation.

It’s my delightful duty to show you footage of how the 2015 Mustang handles wind forces at speed.  What better place to set such a presentation than a wind tunnel?  I’m a little surprised by how the air is generated in this clip, though.  I thought there would be a giant fan blowing.  Instead, Ken Anderson, aerodynamics engineering manager, goes around the vehicle using what looks like a piece of ghost detection equipment to blast it with wind in carefully chosen spots.

One of those spots is the shark nose, which grabs the wind and throws it onto the hood, improving aerodynamics.  Another area is the grille.  Air flows into the engine compartment and instead of building pressure – and lift – inside, it’s extracted by hood-mounted vents.  Next, Anderson uses his instrument to showcase the “front wheel aero curtain.”  Wake from the front end collects in the tire cavity and is then sucked into the side of the vehicle, reducing drag and bettering fuel economy.  He then shoots the door-mounted driver’s side mirror, which keeps the wind from pounding on the greenhouse.  As a result, the driver will experience a quieter trip.

The 2015 Mustang will have three different lower air dam configurations.  5.0’s will have one designed for “improved front lift and lift balance,” according to Anderson.  A lower Cd and better economy were the targets for the EcoBoost ‘Stang’s piece.  Cars with the Performance Package will benefit from an underbody valance that will enhance brake cooling as well as provide “high-speed front lift and lift balance improvement.”

Carl Widmann, aerodynamics manager, says the Blue Oval team has decreased the aerodynamic forces working against the 2015 Mustang by three percent.

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