This “’67 Fastback” Could be Yours for Only $290

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Mustang Model

If you ever dreamed of whipping around in a 1967 Mustang Fastback but didn’t necessarily have the cash to afford one or a friend willing to share his for a few days of fun, no worries.

The camp over at Horizon have unveiled a remote model that just might do the trick.

Sure, the toy car might not live up to the joy that comes with driving the real thing, but considering the price some of those vintage Mustangs fetched at the recent Barrett Jackson auction, it could be a more practical option for now.

The ’67 Mustang V100-S model car by Vaterra features a shaft-driven 4WD with sealed differentials, low-profile tires on large-diameter 54mm wheels, and realistic brake disc and calipers.

The details on the remote are pretty dead on to a real Ford pony car as highlighted in the video below. And this one will only set you back about $290.

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