Would you Pay $200,000 for a Mustang?

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Maybe if it the seats were lined with gold. Maybe if Caroll Shelby himself hand stitched his name the headrests. Maybe if it came with Sofia Vergara in the passenger seat (That’s unrealistic? Fine. A lookalike would be cool too). Maybe if it was a Transformer. That’s what it would take for me to pony up $200,000 for a convertible Mustang.

This ebay seller is hoping your standards are lower than mine. I’ve Gotta admit though, the car is pretty impressive.
5.0 Mustang Magazine featured the car in a four page spread. Under that Shelby Super Snake Hood is a fully built 5.8 liter, cast V8. A 3.6-liter Kenne Belle supercharger sits on top forcing the total output to 1000 horsepower. Yes, it is a beast. And yes, you’ll probably have to install a proper roll bar if you ever want to go to a drag strip.

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I have no doubts that this is an exceptionally nice car, but that price hike is huge. Heck, even a regular Super Snake costs around $100,000. I’m sure the wheels and suspension and other mods are really high quality and everything… but why?
Apparently someone out there sees an answer. Current bids are hovering at $230,000. Head over to eBay if you’re interested.
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