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Default "How To" - Change Interior LEDs


One thing that always bugged me about our cars is the mycolor option is only limited to the dash. Why couldn’t Ford really go above and beyond and allow all the LED’s to be controlled by the mycolor buttons? I had some hope when I heard of the ambient lighting package of the 08 but this still leaves the dash buttons and switches that pale boring green. I finally decided to change them out myself. Apparently “Mycolor” is blue since that is what my dash has been set to since I got it. The switches in the mustang use two types of LEDs[ul][*]PLCC-2[*]Standard through-hole domed[/ul]PLCC-2 SMT LED total =50
Radio: 26
Mycolor sw: 3
TCS: 1
A/C: 15
Cruise L: 2
Cruise R: 3

Through Hole LED total =7 (can use PLCC-2 style - details in soldering section)
Window DR: 2
Window PS: 1
Lock Driver: 2
Lock Passn: 2

First thing to do is remove the switches from the car. One of the nice things about the S197 mustang is that it is easy to take apart.
To do this swap you will need the following:[ul][*]PLCC-2 LEDS of your preferred color (See above for quanity) [*]Through-hole LEDs (I chose not to use them) [*]Low wattage Soldering Iron (Flat or small tip preferred but not required) [*]Solder (I use Silver Bearing solder with a Rosin core. This stuff is awesome and I’ve been using it for almost 10 Years and haven’t found anything that works better on electronics)[*]Small Tweezers [*]Solder Sucker (optional) [*]Desktop vice (optional) [*]Patience[*]More Patience[/ul]Cruise control switches:

My car has the IUP steering wheel so I am unsure of the standard wheel[*]Remove left and right IUP panels by slowly lifting them out.
[*]With the panels removed, lift the outside edge of the button assembly towards you. The harness connects on the inside edge so take your time and be careful not to damage them. I didn’t have to but you could always remove the airbag assembly to gain better access to the connectors
[*]Once out there is one screw on the back and a few tabs securing the button assembly together.
[*]Once separated you will remove the circuit board, rubber membrane, and contact pegs. Do this for both sides. There are 2 LEDs on the left switch and 3 on the right
[/ol]Center Dash and Radio Removal:
To remove the center dash piece you must first remove the console finish (upper) panel.[*]Lift the Trim bezel (Auto) or Shifter boot from the console. (item1) [*]Place the parking brake in the up position [*]Lift the console lid and remove the 2 screws at the back of the finish panel (item 2) [*]Lift the upper finish panel from the back and slowly work your way forward (item 3).
Be careful and take your time, you don’t want to scratch anything [*]Place the manual boot through the hole and remove the panel.
(I removed mine completely) [*]Remove the two center stack wings by grabbing at the bottom and pulling them towards you (item 4)
[*]Remove the 6 7mm screw securing the center panel [*]Remove all electrical connections
The AC plugs are a bit tedious to remove. The one on the fan switch has a release tab and the one on the vent selection has a release tab and a grey lever that must be lifted. The switches and Accessory plug have a press release (See pic on step 11).
[*]Remove the 4 7mm bolts securing the stereo and disconnect the 3 plugs and antenna plug. [*]Remove the stereo and set it aside [*]The top buttons are removed from the panel by pressing the 4 tabs (2 top/bottom) and pushing through the face of the cover.
[/ol]Mycolor / TC button and Radio Dissasembly[*]On a work surface remove the 4 back screws of the upper switches and separate the circuit board from the front and back. Do this for both.
(If you look real close you’ll realize the switch boards are the same but flipped over for the opposite side)
[*]Stereo: Remove the 2 Torx screws on each side of the face plate
[*]Remove the volume **** by pulling it away from the stereo
[*]Lift the locking tabs on the top and bottom of the face plate and gently pivot the face away from the body
[*]Disconnect the two plugs running from the circuit board at their connection port in the body. [*]Remove the 4 screws securing the face to the circuit board and remove.

If you are replacing the Green Lens plate perform steps 7-9 otherwise skip these steps[*]Remove the white backing and black support plate.
[*]Remove the CD /AM-FM buttons by lifting the hinge-points and pushing them through the front of the face plate.
[*]Using a small screwdriver in the notched area lift the lens cover from the face plate (carefully).
[/ol][color="black"][b]AC Controls Removal / disassembly (2
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

its actually from TMS i believe....i saw it over there quite a while ago

Installed Blue LEDs in factory switches - The Mustang Source Forums
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

too much work.
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

WOW-- nice idea but way too much work for me --- and my husband would look at a project like this as "worK" not a fun mod to do.

But it does look cool and I bet it looks great all together!
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

i wish there was a place where i could have this done. i don't have the tools, the knowledge, or the steady hand for this type of procedure.

was in the gf's a4 the other day and at night with all the interior buttons red, it looked so clean..i hate my green lights.
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

Awesome write up. This took a lot of effort. I like it a lot but to be honest, I don't know that I would ever do this to my car. It is way too much work. Then, what happens if I brake something. If I could get the parts form a junk yard I ight give it a try.
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

thats awsome but i dont know if i would try doin that
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

man i would pay some one to do that for me..where u locateD??
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

Hmm, makes me want to do something new. I think I am going to look for a junker to do it to...
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Default RE: "How To" - Change Interior LEDs

ya i dont know that i would attempt it either to be honest.. i would be mostly scared that i would break somethig while removing the radio stuff.. but i would deffinately complete the look..

i have black face gauges, light up red, and my mycolor is red, along wiht the map lights, but if the rest of the lights where red, on black... OMG.. would be so sick..

but its alottttt of time..

maybe ill attempt it when my car is handicapped from the valve covers and intake plenum being removed.. i duno.. we'll see..

ps.. im located in Central FL.. but wouldnt even take the responsibility to get paid to do this to another stang.. wouldnt want to mess **** up
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