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Default Question about 2002 Mach 1 ??

Hey everyone, I was talking to a guy i met today in a parking lot with a 2002 Mach 1. It was in real nice shape. He mentioned the stock power of that car was released at 315 HP. He also mentioned that the models engine was really a 98'' Cobra design mostly, and that Paul's High Performance in Jackson MI had put very open exhaust on it, did aggressive cam and head work and some other stuff.

I was surprised when he said it was now making 465rwhp N/A. It sounded beefy somewhat, and he said it was his daily driver, and when he drove away it sounded and behaved like a standard street car with headers. Is it really possible to get a 2002 Mach 1 that's still seems like a reasonable daily driver up to 465 rwhp N/A ??

It just seems odd considering that people with a 2005 platform 4.6's complain how hard and expensive it is to get there cars up to 340rwhp up from stock 265rwhp, and that's with pretty rough idle and not so pleasant stop and go dd behavior.

Am I way off on this? A 2002 Mach 1 465rwhp N/A, and still seems like a civil stop and go car?? Just wondering, thanks, Erik

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1. There's no way he was talking in terms of power to the wheels. Flywheel HP was his reference. (stock~267, supposedly modded~395hp)

2. Mach 1 wasn't available until 2003 and only claimed 305hp stock (could be wrong here but I'm pretty certain).

3. I personally think he's full of ****.

4. Yes, the modular engine was based off of earlier SVT cobra engine designs.

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Thanks bakerjd, he was definitely saying 465rwhp becacuse he was claiming 505 standard HP. I had to correct him and tell him if your using Ford standard math, that rwhp is about 12-14% on average on drive train loss. I told him 465rwhp would be about 535-540 flywheel HP.

I agree with you from my best recollection, that the Mach 1 was a bit over 300 stock, so I can't see how you could get it much past 325-340rwhp without serious work. Paul's High Performance is a good shop, and he sounded as though he had been there a lot, but I can't see increasing that much power up from a stock release of 305HP go up to anything near 465rwhp N/A.

Even with extreme exhaust, heads, cams, large air intake and what ever else, I can't see going from 270rwhp to more than 340rwhp as I mentioned. Erik
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I would have to imagine a car of that age would have some miles on it too - engines get tired and they lose power over the miles. typically not a whole lot of power loss, just another factor to consider
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