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tips for driving mustang in the snow?

Old 09-07-2013, 08:33 AM
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Default tips for driving mustang in the snow?

my last mustang was a 98 v6 and it gave me hell in the snow, i would get stuck in like 2 centimeters of snow!!

will my 06 gt do better in the snow? does having traction control make a huge difference? what all tips can ya give me? I hear winter tires are a huge help but thats not an option for me because I don't have a place to store my all season tires and or rims.

will I be okay if I just got some sand bags and put them in the trunk? I'm not worried about sliding too much I didn't have much problem with that, I'm mostly worried about getting stuck.

Also to avoid rusting, I'm gonna take it to the car wash and rinse it off once a week or there anything else I should do?

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Best tip.

Weight is fine but it adds mass and that is not fine.
It causes more problems than it solves.

Use the search function...

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My 2006 Mustang was a beast in the snow the few times I had it out. Get a good set of all season tires since you can't get winter tires and put 100 lbs of sand or salt bags in the trunk and baby the throttle.

Definitely wash it as much as you can because the salt on the roads will rust everything and that is the reason why I barely ever drove mine in the snow.
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Originally Posted by 157dB View Post
Best tip.
Weight is fine but it adds mass and that is not fine.
It causes more problems than it solves.

Use the search function...
/Thread. I almost lost it off the side of Big Bear mnt. on the way down. Last time I take the Mustang in snow.

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Decent dedicated snow tires and weight in the trunk if you MUST drive in those conditions AND providing the roads have been plowed of anything more than 2 or 3 inches. Otherwise, as 157db said, DON'T.

I have over 40 years of northern winters (Michigan, PA + northern Ill) under my belt with over a dozen different vehicles and I can honestly say that the Stang is the worst. You'll plow and ride up on most anything over 3"-4" and even with weight in the trunk, it's still a light-over-the-axle vehicle.
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I drive mine year round, same for the 2006. Never got stuck and I have a 45 mile one way commute each day. Drove through some big blizzards here in SE Michigan.

No extra weight in the trunk, and on the Pirelli Pzero Neros. On the 2006 did with the Xcharger and the low end torque from that system. No problems.

If you do add weight to the trunk, think about what you have done. You just added something that in your coupe will not just sit there if you have an accident. It will continue to move until something stops it - and it won't be the seat backs that will fold down. It will be the back of your head.

Over 40 years of driving here, in the snow belt. Only car I ever had a problem with was a FWD. When I started driving we didn't see many FWD so had to learn how to drive with RWD, and I prefer it in the snow. (although I did like my Jeep Grand Cherokee and my Explorer XLT). Just take it slow, modulate the loud pedal appropriately, leave some stopping distance and you will be fine.
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drove my 07 in the snow. only times i'd get stuck is if the snow was up over the front bumper or traction control was on. never put weight in the back, all season tires. only thing i did was always, always turn traction control off. caused more problems in the snow than it was worth.

but, that was then. now having 2 cars, i say dont drive it in the snow.
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2011 GT.

Never have had a single problem or any difficulty driving in snow in ANY rear wheel drive car.
I prefer it over front wheel drive in any conditions.
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you'll be alright with the all-seasons up to about 2 inches of snow. I run blizzaks in the winter which do help a lot but ive even gotten stuck with them before but that was an unplowed road with 5"+.. can't say overall the mustang is great in the snow.
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Just don't not worth it
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