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supercharged 351w

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Default RE: supercharged 351w

If your going with supercharger & spray dont forget the forged internals and some low compression or that 89lx might not last too long
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

what about the wiand style superchargers? dont they make some for a carbed 351w?
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Arrid Extra Dry
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

dont forget suspension,,, youll need it if you do that, and that will cost you the same or more than a supercharger.... have fun!!!
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

Careful now... definately forged internals. '69-'70 4V 351W came with up to 10.7:1 compression ratio. What year is your motor? You've gotta keep your compression down and run good quality bottom end components. It can be done, as my buddy runs a Vortec S-Trim blower on his '69 Windsor (converted to fuel injection), in his '88GT. I asked him about running a blower on my '69 Windsor motor and he sent me a picture of his old hypers (pistons) split in two. I would attach the pics but I can't figure out how (sorry). Anyways, save your self some money by learning other peoples lessons.

My .02.
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

who makes a supercharger for a fuel injected 351w?
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

I am getting ready to start on mine. It will be a little on the wild side. Using a Vortech YSi Renegade system, with drivers side mount.

I will be converting the car over to E85 also, so I can run high boost with 10.1 compression on the street.

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Default RE: supercharged 351w

vortech sells the brackets needed to mount a 5.0L kit onto your 351W. but thats for EFI setups, just my 2 cents
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

You can also run a vortech with a carb. The brackets are the same. You just have to order it for what year your car is. The carb enclosure is seperate though. You can run a roots style blower also but, remember this...they have a torque curve that starts a idle whereas a vortech and paxton don't necessarliy have that strong of one down low. If you have no worries about tratcion then a roots would be fine. The Fox body (vortech and paxton) kits supposedly have to be modified to work with the windsor swap. I've done tons of 94-95 cars but, never installed one on a fox 351 swap.
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

Vortech does not make a bracket for the 351 swap in a Fox body.

They will take your bracket and send out to another company
that will modify it. i called on all this. It takes 4-6 weeks to get
the bracket back and cost like $225 extra.

I'm just going with a custom turbo, same cost and make more power.
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Default RE: supercharged 351w

r.barn my buddy has a vortec and I have been trying to convince him to go with a 351w build but he just bought the vortec and he doesnt want it to be a waste. What all would he have to do in order for it to work?
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