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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises


I got that squeek too. I've been trying to search it out for months.
Is that squeak outside the car? Is it a light squeak? If so, put some grease on your e-brake cable clips. That may solve the problem. Cant be 100% on that though. I`d have to hear it for myself to be sure. But I do know thats one squeak thats been noticed by others and that did the trick.
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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises

Mine seems to be comming from the rear deck inside the car.
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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises

mine also has rattle coming from the rear deck..i was thinking its the speaker grill
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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises

I have a noise that comes from the right rear wheel. It's not high but a low pitch noise (squeak). I have noticed that there is oil or fliud on the axle on that side, would that maybe be the problem? If so what's the fix?

Thanks in advance.


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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises

ORIGINAL: redass02gt

center console with the vents drives me INSANE. I punched it once.

I think that's the only issue I have. your car doesn't do that over bumpy roads?
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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises

That happened to me too, but i guess i have a different problem because when i heard that noise i opened my trunk and i hit both of those small amps, it hurt but it solved the problem for me, my rattle was more like a vibration, try it you never know!
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Default RE: squeaks-rattles-noises

Jiggy_One Date 5/16/2006 8:31:33 PM
Mine seems to be comming from the rear deck inside the car.

mine too. exactly like that.
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