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Seabee1993 05-09-2013 06:13 PM

Brake pad separation
I've had this happen to me today, let me tell you worst sound ever. The pad material separated from the backing and was just skating along on the rotor behind the caliper.

Raybestos has an amazing warranty of three years Im expecting replacements shortly. So, the reason for my posting is this:
1. what could be the causes?
I'm sure the reasons are endless, just wanted to see if its possibly something I may have caused. They've only been on the car since Oct.

Sonic Mustang 05-09-2013 07:05 PM

If you search the web for "brake pad separation failure," you'll find others have experienced the same failure.

I'd have to guess adhesive failure. Either the glue itself or method of application. Raybestos is a name brand and I can't image your problem being more widespread than a small batch.

I certainly can't image your street driving being the cause. If your driving hard enough to cause pad/baking plate failure and the adhesive and workmanship are 100%, you would have trashed the rest of your braking system months ago.

If this happened to me, I'd call Bear, Willwood and Stoptech to get professional opinions. I doubt Raybestos would admit to anything for legal reasons.

Seabee1993 05-09-2013 08:11 PM

Oh no, I wasn't bashing them at all! Raybestos owned up to it, but because they only do their sales through their dealers, I had to go back through rock auto for the exchange process. It happened to be the outside right pad on the passenger side. Already took them off and left the car on jackstands, now it's all to see how long the UPS truck takes to get here.

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