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Default Cops turn a 03 Cobra into a undercover police car.

Imagine if you were drivin along in your brand new sonic blue cobra. You're getting kinda hungry so you go find some rice. Then in the middle of eating your rice you get pulled over. They impound your car for good.

Then they turn it into an undercover police car. Sucks for the cobra owner but this makes me angry. idk i guess it'd be cool for the guys at the station to take turns driving the "undercover cop car"..... do you guys think this is just one big excuse or legit?

This article is kinda old but its pretty interesting if ya havnt read it. I get mixed emotions every time i read it lol.


“If you get caught street racing, we're going to take your car and I'm going to enjoy driving it." –CMPD Capt. Andy Kornberg
Just the rims on the glossy blue and black 2005 Nissan 350 Z are worth three grand. You can tell the owner really put a lot of time, money and effort into making it one bad ride.
The same can be said for the sonic blue 2003 SVT Cobra parked right next to it. This baby puts more than 500 horses out of it's hand crafted engine.
"Thanks for giving me a nice ride," said Capt. Andy Kornberg. He runs the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police HITS Unit - short for Highway Interdiction and Safety.
Kornberg is thanking the previous owners of these two cars. You see, they were both confiscated when the owners were caught illegally racing them through the streets of south Charlotte.
Now, they belong to the police. The cars that were once used to break they law will now be used to enforce it.
"The precedent has been set," said Kornberg. "If you get caught street racing, we're going to take your car and I'm going to enjoy driving it to be perfectly honest."
The police will be driving them all over town in hopes of catching speeders and aggressive drivers by surprise.
"We are going to hide in plain sight," said Kornberg.
The police are moving away from the days when they hide behind billboards in marked cars to catch speeders. These units, looking like anything but police cars, will be out in the flow of traffic, keeping an eye on things, ready to pounce.
Of course, some modifications have been made to the cars sice their street racing days.
The exhausts were made street legal and all the nitrous boosters had to be removed. After that, the cars were equipped with the latest laser dectection radar and wide array of blue lights hidden in the grill, windows, tail lights and mirrors.
All the lights make for a dazzling display and are there for a very good reason.
Police don't wan't the public to confuse them with so-called "blue light bandits," people who prey on motorists by pretneding to be police in unmarked cars. There are so many lights on these new units and they will only be manned by police in uniform. The hope is all of these precautions will eliminate any confusion.
Kornberg says people who are still leary of blue light bandits should put on their hazards, pull into a populated well-lit area and call 911 if they are worried. Polioce dispatch will confirm whether or not the person pulling them over is an actual police.
These two cars are now part of a 24 car, unmarked fleet used by HITS to enforce traffic laws throughout the county.
You can check out the new unmarked police cars. There is a slideshow in the sidebar of this article.

check out the slide show to see pics of the cobra. and 350z they took

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I think its bullsh1t. Ya u shouldn't be street racing but they should have no right to take ur property imo its not right.
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I think Andy's intentions are great to be honest, but the way he went about this particular solution in eliminating street racing is horrible. They stole some guys' cars. Bull****. I like the fact that the word of--" aye man there's great looking undercover police race cars roaming the streets and if you race them they bust you" will spread, but the stealing part sucked. The police station should have bought their own race car and proceeded with what seems to be an effective tactic.

Damn I'd be mad if my Sonic Blue Termi was stolen by the police.
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Wow what dicks. I would be pissed if that happened with my car.
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There is a Police Department in Los Angeles with at least 1 2005 CTS-V and 1 C5 Z06.

Scary, I know.
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I'm amazed that the police force is able to do this. Unless its a law down in south Charlotte. Even still, driving is a privilege not a right, but your car is your car its your property. Well at least its not like Canada where they crush your car.
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There has to be a clause saying that the police can confiscate a vehicle if its involved in street racing. If there is the clause or law pertaining to it I can't see how they can take you're vehicle. Half of the older generation police and government officials were the same kids back in the 60s and 70s that were street racing muscle cars for years with no consequences just like DUIs or DWIs, now its a social taboo when its no different from back then except for cars having more safety features. Sometimes the human race and society makes me sick, if it was up to me the world would be like Mad Max. Id be flying in my blown aussi falcon and whipping tina turners *** in a 40 foot cage for running my childhood with god awful 80s dance/soul/techno whatever kind of music people called it.

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Charlotte also has a c6 z06
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Now if the state paid them after taking their cars, thats fine. But if they had loans out on these cars, the old owners could just let the cars get repo'd and the cops would be fugged.
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I'm sure they were penalized in a court of law and then the cars were takin away. There is not way (constitutionally) that the police department can just take those two cars. The owners were most likely reimbursed somehow........of course thats prob after a huge *** fine haha
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