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5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.
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Default Factory 95 Cobra Specs

Just wondering what the 95 mustang cobras came with factory. Like Hp/Tq, heads, cam, intake, gears, tranny, weigth, ext..................

What 1/4 mile times are these cars capable of in factory trim with a decsent driver.
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Default RE: Factory 95 Cobra Specs

They have around 250 HP, the heads are gt40's, cam is a bit bigger than a stock HO cam, not sure of the exact specs. They have a cobra intake, just like a gt40 intake kindof, i beleive they have a t5, weigh around 3400lbs, gears are prolly 3.27s, but i'm sure they vary from the factory.

Adder ran a 14.1 i believe. He is pushin more HP because of a tune, and a few other things.
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Default RE: Factory 95 Cobra Specs


The Cobra engine was under rated at 240bhp from the factory campared to the GT's 225bhp and was only available with a 5 speed and 3.08 rear end gears.

Cast iron GT40 heads
Cast aluminum Cobra intake manifold
Crane 1.7 rocker arms
24lb fuel injectors
Cobra specific ECU (computer)
"Cobra" stamped valve covers with build sticker and signature
Engine oil cooler
Front mounted power steering fluid cooler
Lightened flywheel
Phosphate coated transmission gears
Overdriven waterpump pulley
Cobra specific camshaft
Cam specs: Duration: 209°/Intake & 209°/Exhaust @.050 lift
Lift: .479/.479 Intake/Exhaust
Lobe separation: 118.5°


13" Front brakes
11.65" rear brakes
"Cobra" embossed front calipers
Cobra specific brake booster
Cobra specific rear sway bar
Cobra specific shocks/struts/springs
K-member that is slightly stiffer than the GT's
No strut tower brace

Steering wheel center / Airbag cover embossed with "Cobra"
White faced gauges
160mph speedometer
"Cobra" embroidered floor mats

Cobra specific 17" wheels
Cobra specific rear spoiler with integrated 3rd brake light
Cobra specific front bumper cover
SVT emblem on decklid (95-up, not on 94)
Cobra emblems on front fenders (no 5.0L emblems)
"Crystal" (clear) headlights
Round cobra specific foglights

Other info:
The 94-95 Cobra (and GT) came with a 60mm throttlebody, not the 65mm alot of people believe it to have. The 93 cobras came with a 65mm.
Although the 94-95 Cobra came with 24lb injectors it still uses the same MAF (mass airflow meter) as the GT. The Cobra specific computer compensates for the 24lb injectors.

Many people say the Cobra came with underdriven pulleys but from what i've heard it only has a Cobra specific overdriven waterpump pulley. Even if they are slightly underdriven they are nowhere near the same as real underdrive pulleys.

94-95 Cobra trivia information (posted on the SCOA bulletin board posted by "Dano" from the SVT cobra recognition guide)
1. '94 was the first year of the front facing Cobra snakes!
2. These two years were the only ones to have the "Crab Claw" spoiler, with built-in LED brake light! (The GT's stop lamp was mounted on the rear decklid)
3. Only three colors were offered:
a. Rio Red Tinted Clearcoat
b. Crystal White
c. Black Clearcoat
4. The '94 Indianapolis 500's official pace cars were GT's converted to Cobra specifications.! They were five converts, with a four-speed AOD automatic trans! The actual "Pace Car" was driven by Parnelli Jones. 1,000 of these replicas were built, for sale to the public! If you have a '94 convert, it's an Indy 500 replica, with all the special badges & markings, and it's red!
5. The easiest way to tell a '94 from a '95:
a. The '95 has an SVT badge on the trunk lid.
b. The '95 has a vertical flair attached to the front of the rocker panel extension.
6. ALL '94 Cobra converts were Rio Red Indy Pace Car replicas.
7. ALL '95 converts were black.
8. The '94 convert tops were saddle color, and the '95 convert tops were black. No other color combinations were available!
9. '94 and '95's converts came with saddle interior.

And yes, I ran a 14.1 @ 100.5 mph with a 2.3s 60'... some better tires and i would have been in the 13's
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Default RE: Factory 95 Cobra Specs

great info addermk2!
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Default RE: Factory 95 Cobra Specs

ORIGINAL: 7upedition

great info addermk2!
as usual, right?
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Default RE: Factory 95 Cobra Specs


ORIGINAL: 7upedition

great info addermk2!
as usual, right?
yep, that about sums it up. Some of the stuff listed is not Cobra specific though.
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