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Default a few questions

Had a few questions.

1. Do 8.8 rears bolt right into 4 cylinder fox bodies, being that they had 7.5 rears (at least to my knowledge)?

2. What causes wrinkles/lines on a cowl hood? Can this be due to a quick or poor primer paint job?

3. How hard is it to replace door locks?

4. How hard is it to replace all the dash instruments? They're all apart of a single cluster correct?

5. Do fox bodies use a physical fuel float or some kind of sensor, or a combination of both? Hard or easy to replace?

6. Looked at a notch that was converted to v8, and noticed alot of cut wires. Would this be normal? My suspicion is for the alarm which seemed to be absent. Are there wires that aren't used after the v8 transplant?

Thanks guys, in the market right now and I'm used to buying vintage cars so I'm not as knowledgeable with foxes.
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1. yes they bolt in, if you wish to add quad shocks, you'll need to tap the holes in the frame for such
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Mike T
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5. Yes, they use a physical float valve in the tank. Also be aware, stock foxbody fuel tanks are notorious for the in-tank baffle coming loose and taking out float valves.

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Also, I believe depending on year, that the 7.5" cars don't have the floor reinforcement for the pinion snubber that is found on 8.8" 'Stangs. If you're planning on real suspension, that shouldn't be an issue.

edit: Oops... Started at the beginning!

3. Pretty easy... You should be able to find a boatload of how-to stuff on google or youtube

4. Correct.. It's a single cluster, but the individual speedometer and tach (I believe) can be interchanged without big issues. For that matter, my speedo is screwed up, probably just needs a proper cleaning and re-lube, can anyone recommend a good shop?

6. RUN AWAY!!! Cut wires are the sign of a hack job.. Whether or not it needed those wires, they should have done it better than that. I don't care if its a stereo, a car, or your mom's sewing machine, that's the mark of poor craftsmanship.

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