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94/95 V8 swap with 5 speed transmission

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Default 94/95 V8 swap with 5 speed transmission

This is for all u guys who want to get rid of your lazy V6, for that V8...there has been alot of info posted on other sites about how to do it and what things you'll need but they are so mis informative it's not even funny!! gonna list all the parts i needed to do my swap, and give a few tips on how to avoid problems!!


1. engine...94-95
2. All under hood wiring...CCRM,Computer,Fuse box injector harness....(Getting everything from one car is the easiet but not always available) Computer located on passenger side kick panel...wires run thorught the firewall, into fender (Gotta take out fenderwell)
3.GT bellhousing....LOOKs the same but there not
4.u can reuse your altenator and starter
5. New flywheel and clutch...V8 uses 10.5 inch flyweel and clutch...V6 uses 11inch..thats why the bellhousing is different...(The hole for the starter is 1/4 of an inch in..that the only difference)
6. Electric fan can be reused
7.Need V8 throttle cable
8.V8 springs...keep it safe
9.exhaust (whatever one u like....make sure u get the exhaust hangers for the passenger side as the V6 doesn't have them)
10. Flywheel bolts....different thinkness of flywheel
12 **MAKE SURE u get the "Calibration code" off the door of the car that u get your computer from becasue u need this to buy sensors.
13..Secondary A.I.R U will need the tube that runs from the engine bay down to the catalytic converter on your new V8 exhaust (discontinued)
14. If your car is equipped with A/ will need longer AC lines
15. You will need V8 power steerting lines as the V6 one are to short
16. I reused my V6 powersteering pump but i would suggest getting the V8 pump
17.Fuel pumps are the same
18.MAF sensor can be reuesed as both 3.8L and 5.0L use 19lb injectors
19.You will need the intake tube for the V8 or just buy an aftermarket CAI (Discontined)
20.If u want u can get a V8 gauge cluster as the orignal tach will not work with the V6 gauge cluster....i went with an aftermarket tach
21. 5.0L mustangs use the AIR system...u will need to get the 2 check valves from FORD....(calibration code needed) will need 2 oxygen sensors
22. The radiators are the same
23.Brakes are the same on V6 and GT
24. If your engine doesn;t have engine mounts you will need V8 engine mounts.
25. Im not 100% positve but i think u need a carbon canister and V8 vacuum lines
26. The rear-end will work but i wouldn't suggest pounding on it to hard....(Dont dump the clutch) some say it will be fine..others say it will break the spyder gears...i lit up the Tire and the rear-end howled really loud..i let up pretty quick...find an 8.8 and put it in.
27. Lower control arm bushing....unless u can get the control arms off easy..Check balljoints at that time too...(no point in putting it back together with bad parts)
28. Make sure that the computer will match your transmission (5speed tranny..ask for a 5-speed computer)
CCRM= Contsant control relay module..the V6 one will not turn on the electric fan with the V8 computer...make sure u change it...the car will run with the V6 but NO FAN!!
this part is located on the overFlow bottle
29. Now is a good time to replace your clutch cable. If your is streched it would be better to replace it now!
30. You will need fuel lines. (Discontinued)
31. You will need the molded hoses for the AIR system . Discontinued

Discontinued= FORD doesn't stock it anymore

Im pretty sure that is everything i needed...Most important is the Calibration code...i didn;t have that and I couldn't get Oxygen sensors, i found the VIN number from the car that my computer came from and ran it a FORD....luckily the calibration code came up!

if you have any questions PM me....i may have missed something but that's all i can think of right now

Mustang Parts Specialist in Winder Goergia has everything you'll need!

If u phone mustang parts and tell them your doing the swap and that u need all the underhood wiring, you will get everything i've listed..and maybe a couple other things if i forgot any...


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where can I find something that shows the wiring and vacuum routings? I bought my v-8 from prestige mustang in monroe, it came with a lot of stuff you mentioned.
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