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Default Mechanic/Auto Tech in Mesa area?

My son is having an issue with his 2010 Mariner (4 cylinder). He paid someone to replace the coil-on-plug and all 4 plugs but he said he still has a CEL, and his car shakes a little. He went right back and the guy said "put 91 octane in it to clean it out and drive it a few days". The guy also claims that the "entire AC system is going out and needs to be completely replaced".

Talking with my son it sounds like he may need a fuel filter, not suggested by the guy, and needs to get me the codes for his CEL for the apparent mis-fire. His AC compressor is failing it sounds like, since he said if he turns on the AC it rattles.

Since I am 2,000 miles away, and he knows less than zilch about cars, I need to find someone reliable for him to go to.
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