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Default Steering Column Removal Question

how do i get to the bolts to remove the steering column from the steering box. it has like this tub over it but i can not move it. Any Help is Appreciated Thanks.
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Default RE: Steering Column Removal Question

If its a 65 or 6, then its more than likely a solid shaft and it will not seperate from the box, it has to be pulled from the bottom of the car. If its a 7 or up, then you can takek the bolts out of the rag joint. Its hard to get to, but is easier than the solid columns. Try to work from the bottom.
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Default RE: Steering Column Removal Question

Early '67s didn't have the rag joint either. My '67 has a 1-piece shaft. When I upgraded from manual to power steering (and quicker ratio steering box), I had to remove the steering box and shaft as 1 piece. The motor has to be up and out of the way to do this. Some people will tell you if you jack up the motor, remove the oil pan, and hold your tounge juuuuust right, you'll be able to slide the thing out. I took the motor out of the car. After that, the steering box/shaft removal was quite easy. It also gave me the opportunity to paint the engine bay and clean up the motor.

1. Remove the steering wheel.
2. Unbolt the column from the dash.
3. Unbolt the ball joint from the pitman arm.
4. Unbolt the steering box from the frame.
5. Slide the steering box/shaft down and out towards the center of the engine compartment.

Another hint: disconnect the wires that are coming out of the steering column. Moving the column around could pull on these wires and rip them apart.

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Default RE: Steering Column Removal Question

And what's really interesting is you can remove the tube from the long shaft once you get the entire unit out of the car (at least that's when I discovered that it came apart). Not to Hijack, but anyone else taken just the tube off while the box was still in the car?
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Default RE: Steering Column Removal Question

That is the best way, take the steering wheel off, unplug the harness, unboltthe 2 bolts holding the the U clamp under the column. Once all that is done the tube should slide off, usually with some effort.
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Default RE: Steering Column Removal Question

We replaced our steering box with the engine still in. yes we had to lift the engine a bit, remove the oil pan, remove the entire steering center link and tierods, remove the steering wheel, remove the column, an then unbolt the steering box and it came right out. Simple!!
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