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Default 1 wire alternator

Im ready to convert my alternator to a 1 wire but I dont understand how many amps I will need... what info will I need to provide for someone to assist me with this??

Thank you as always
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Gun Jam
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Hummm where was that article....

here is an article you should read before you unbox that 1 wire


and here is the form link it came from


Read that stuff then you'll at lest have the other half of the story.

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THank you so much for that! Much appreciated
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What electrical upgrades have you added or plan to add in the future? You really can't have too big of an alternator however if your going to purchase a replacement take into account what you'll be adding electrically in the future. Adding a larger sound system will require a larger then stock alt, adding amps, subs, etc will require an even larger alt. Heated seats, fog lights, daytime running lights, stereo setups, and many other accessories can really put a load on the battery.

They are not expensive and for 100.00 you can add a new 100amp alt which should be fine for damn near any of your general/common upgrades. Its likely the most common amp upgrade as prices show due to volume sales.

Regarding the 1-wire vs. 3-wire alt it really doesn't matter. Most people will either order a replacement stock alt or order the 1-wire 100 amp alt.

Personally it reduces the number of wires in my engine bay so I'll go the 1-wire.
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That make a lot of sense.. I dont plan on adding much beyond stock except for a cd player with MP3, standard amp etc.. nothing crazy, just something a sound system in a newer car.

1 wire alternator 100amp it is.. thank you!!
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When I put Hella H4 Halogen headlamps on my generator 64 1/2, I decided to try a PowerGen single-wire Alternator built into a Generator case. I thought it would be easier and kinda stealthy. It was a flippin' nightmare. It left me stranded twice on cruise nite. Then, I spent waaay too much time on the phone with Powermaster's Tech (and I use the term TECH loosely here!) support . I finally got an RA from them and I sent it back. When they got it, it was like we had never talked before! The guy asked me "What do you want to do?" I told him I wanted my money back. He said "we can't do that, you have to send it to Jeg's!" So, I had sent it at my expense to Tennessee, then the MO-ron sends it back to Colo-roddee, then I had to ship it back to O HIGH-o. Heck, the only folks who actually made money on this piece of crap was Fed Ex!
Total Waste of Time!
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I have a 100 amp 1 wire alternator on mine. It works great. All the lights are brighter too, which is nice.
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I have a 1 wire Powermaster in my 65 and it works perfectly. No more wondering if I hooked it up right. With several previous owners and "modified" wiring, this was the best option for me.
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Frankly, the powermaster stuff I have paid good money for has not impressed me much, and I have HEARD that the alternators that LOOK like gerenators (like Super64's) are pretty much high priced crap....

I kind of prefer the low priced Summit brand one wires as far as one wire alt's go, but I am now more in tune with OEM style 3 wire units.
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As far as 1 wire alts go, I've had a Powermaster 140 amp, several Powermaster 60 amps, and am currently running a Tuff Stuff 140 amp. The 140's haven't given me any troubles, but the 60 amps were too weak, running the headlights on the car drained the battery. Its the regulators on the 1 wire units that have failed me. But I've gone through just as many 3 wire units as well. I'll stick with the 1 wires.
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