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Default MustangFTW 67 resto thread.

shoulve done it a long time ago but here it is, im going to post general question, pictures, progress and such here. as well as taking suggestions from all of you.
heres my to do list:

1. finish rebuilding/fine tuning carb
2. clean up engine bay
3. install radio that came yesterday
4. fix loose shifter (auto)
5. paint!
6. new exhaust, possibly dual w/HiPo manifold
7. new rims/hubcaps
8. wheel/steering alignment
9. install antenna that broke off in car wash...
10. switch from points setup?
11. paint gauge cluster
12. add tachometer?

this is my to do list so far.

i currently have a half done 2100 in my basement need a couple parts for it, and hopefully alignment and radio will be done this week or early next.

feel free to add/comment!
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add some pics when you get a chance...
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will do once i get home, im at school nao.
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just ripped the elastometer valve dont sell them individually and kit costs 22$
pics soon
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Sweet! Glad you started a thread! It's a good idea to get a list of what you need to do before you start, haha, wish I had done that when I first started tearing down...
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good list, you may wanna group those tasks into phases, like interior, engine bay, etc as some things obviously go together than set a weekend to work on a phase so you are not all over the place... wish you luck, post pics along the way, and let us know how you plan on cleaning the engine bay, I need to do the same thing and want it to look used car lot dealer clean, I have no friggen idea how they do it, but they get their engines looking brand new clean
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Looks pretty clean and a great car to start with, good luck with her.
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well i got the antenna in, took an hour. its trickier then it looks.
today i hope to install radio, im either going to solder the wire then cover then or im going use these clips where you snap one on each end of a wire then connect them, one concern i had was that that might be alot of connections for a radio but it would be easy to take out/replace then.

im pretty sure used car dealers steam the engine bay, i belive that there a few places that do it, or you can rent/buy one yourself, engine oil/grease needs really high temps to come off, so make sure you remove/cover all wires and the distributer cap, and of course the battery.

hey Jp where in MN do you live near? only other person ive seen in MN lol
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Is there an easy was to tell which speaker wire is for which speaker, side ones are easy they have original wire colors, but for the back someone cut the originals and added clear wires for both, my dad suggested that we disconnect the speaker wire, connect another longer wire to it and test with a multimeter in the car. (just like connecting the start and end of a wire but were extending the rear one so we can connect with meter.)
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