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Sorry! Late to the party!!! I just LOVE a good Cat-fight!! LMAO

I've seen this chart posted other places on the net. Not sure exactly who made it but it's a pretty good GUIDE. Just a guide! I run 245/45/16 fronts and 255/50/16 rears. I've seen old stangs with 335 steamrollers out back but of course they're tubbed. I've got tubular A-arms, 1 degree negative camber, lowered 1", rolled fenders and 1/4s, leaf spring rear, 4.5" backspace 16X8's all the way around. No scrapes, bruises or nicks. Now, am I gonna get a bone stock 68 Stang and expect that tire combo to work? Not me. I'm not that foolish. Allegedly 245 fronts don't work without serious work but they work for me and my setup is modest compared to some of the rigs I've seen. I've seen GT350's with serious front roadrace meats! But real GT350's were meant for the track and 350's Shelby raced were heavily modified. So, if I tell you to go out and stand on the 101 loop in Phoenix during rush hour and you get run over is it my fault? You made the choice not me. Fact is there are simple tools available to determine what size rims and tires a given vehicle can accept safely. Brakes dictate the minimum size rim, body and chassis determine the max size tire. If one gets away from the factory recommended sizes and combos then is it FoMoCo's or dodgestangs fault when your tires blow cause you didn't do the research prior to runnin sizes the car was never designed for? Any individual should do serious research before they modify anything. Just cause Joe Schmoe in Jersey said a certain combo works do you aspire to be like Joe? Just my 2 cents. I think the posted argument is silly. Wanna argue? Let's talk bout someone trying to take my guns!! LMAO

Semper Fi fellas!
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