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Default Buyer Beware: Window Tinting

Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago asking what % tint I should go with on my windows because I was planning on getting my windows tinted in a week or so. Well I finally got my windows tinted and the finalized product is good, but I still need to fix it, even though I payed a "Window Tinting Company" to do it.

First off, I got my tinting done at the Ft. Lauderdale Flea Market/Swap Shop. For those of you who have never been there, the Lauderdale Swap Shop has an entire section devoted just to window tinting, car audio, and other car related subjects. This "Garage Section" basically consists of 10 -11 tents with room to fit about 3 cars in each tent to work on with many hispanics who hardly speak english looking for some cash, which is basically Miami in a nut shell. The only reasons I chose to go to the Swap Shop instead of going with a professional is 1.) the price is only about 65 bucks, which is more than half of the quotes i got where i live and 2) all of my lacrosse buds got their window tinting done there and their tint came out well, however none of them have mustangs.

After my 1 hour drive home from Ft. Lauderdale, I noticed that all the windows looked great except for the front part of the rear window, about the first 4-5 inches from where the window starts from the top of the car. The tint clearly was not sticking there and looked bad. After trying to fix it on my own with a spray bottle of water and a little soap, and the plastic wedge the window tinter ironically forgot in my car, nothing was happening. My buddy and I even tried double stick tape to keep the edges to stay on the window,but nothing was happening. After some research on the Internet, I found these dreaded words I now hate:
DOT MATRIX. The dot matrix on a window are the tiny dots located on the rear window of Ford Mustangs near the top, the exact spot where my tint was not sticking.

Thankfully, through the work of google, I was able to find my solution, Magoops. Here's their website:

This solution goes over the tiny dots and creates a new suface that the tint is able to stick on. I just ordered this product and hopefully in a couple of days when my Magoops stuff comes, my rear window tint will look a lot better.

The reason why I am telling you guys my story that happend today is for those of you who are either considering doing a tint job yourself or are considering getting your tinting done by a non-professional/certified company. If you plan on doing a tint job yourself, a solution like Magoops is a must so you won't have any dot matrix problems. If you are going to get your tint job done at a Swap Shop, or any other non professional place, make sure who ever is doing your tinting has a solution like Magoops. Only Mustangs, BMWs, some Hondas, and a few other cars have this Dot Matrix feature so there is a good chance a non-professional place may not have this solution.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought my experience would help alot of people so they wouldn't have to go through the annoyance i did.

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Default RE: Buyer Beware: Window Tinting


stick with professionals.
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Default RE: Buyer Beware: Window Tinting

Awesome post!!! Thanks for the heads up!
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I need tint any good places
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Just realized this thread was brought back from the grave
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