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Default RE: V6 or V8


There are only 2 reasons I can think of for getting a v6 instead of a v8 are: miles per gallon, car insurance. The fun factor and silly grin will still be on your face as you pony up for gas. And as far as insurance goes just shop around.
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Search around... These 4.6's can get just as good if not better gas mileage as the sixers.. But since the guy wants sound, get the v8. You cannot make a six sound like an 8.
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Default RE: V6 or V8

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Well unless your gonna worry about insurance, gas, etc. If you dont wanna race it!!. ALso NO fixing the car at all, and ill say this again: NO FIXING THE CAR AT ALL. cause once you put one little thing in there, your going broke!!! no joke. cause then ur gonna wanna put one thing, then another thing and another thing and then supercharge it and theres where u r going to regret not to have a v8!!!

ps: another thing once u see a ricer next to you in a red light I bet anything ur gonna wanna floor it!! so think about it!!
Its just my opinion!!

sixer>ricer no question

V8's are for stomping things with turbos and alike V6 are built for puttin hondas in there place!
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Default RE: V6 or V8

I'd rather blow a 4.0 v6 that I could find for 500-1000 bucks after some scavenging, than a $3000 v8 motor.

Buy what you can afford and what you want. If you buy a car to impress others you'll never really enjoy it.

Keep in mind, ***** enlargement surgery might be cheaper than the v8 will cost.
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Default RE: V6 or V8

well it depends on your age?

how old r u?. Insurance is gona be a rape if u're under 25 especially for GTs,MACHS,BULLITS,COBRAS and so forth... If you can afford the insurance I'd go for a v8 . I was thinking about purchasing a GT but insurance is just a rape.
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