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Emap81 07-18-2014 08:45 AM

Clicking is driving me Wild !!!!! Damsel in Distress
Hey guys

Ok so I bought my 2010 Mustang 4.0L Convertible 2 weeks ago through a dealer, however the warranty has run out.. anyway 3 days ago I got in turned the ignition and click click click click from behind the dash the car is turning over no problem and everything is working as it should but its now getting really annoying !!! I can only describe it as the sound of a CD getting stuck in the changer.

I have a feeling its the accuator but as im a Brit and this is my first experience of buying a car in the US I have no clue what my next move is. Plus as a woman I don't want my eyes ripped out being charged a fortune !.


Thank Y'all

cruisin5268d 07-18-2014 08:05 PM

I responded to this issue on your other thread.

If you are already seeing yourself as a damsel in distress perhaps you have been on our side of the pond for too long.

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