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Originally Posted by mfournier View Post
What's not to love about that car it? It is Way COOL. It is a purposely built car so it was built to drift not hookup on a drag strip Or put in the fastest Lap on a Road course.
I have always wondered just how a drift car would do in a all out Road race as going sideways around a corner is not going to get you around a track with the fastest time. I like to watch drifting and I am sure it is a ton of fun. (And requires great car control) But I feel Formula Drift is the WWE of auto sports (along with Monster truck racing) It's not a race when you get Style points? For me it is about the guy that crosses the finish line First Wins. But that is one Cool car.
Alot of FD coarse are Road coarse they race on so the cars are already dialed in quite well. And if it was an all out road race I am sure the driver wouldn't be drifting every corner because you do loose speed as you use momentum for drifting. I can't comment about Monster truck racing but FD shouldn't be compared to the WWE. If any racing sport it's NASCAR. Gesh NASCAR has so many rules n regulations plus outside of the sponsor stickers they're all the same body styled cars. 10, 15 years ago NASCAR was great. This year finally NASCAR could be headed more back to it's roots (I hope).

Back to FD. It's just not "style points". This is a common mis-conception people who are new or don't know much about the sport thing. Rather it's judged on four (4) criteria: Speed, Line, Angle, and Overall Impression.


Combination of the entry speed on the first corner as well as the amount of speed the driver is able to carry through the entire course.


The (drift) line will be given during the driversí meeting. Its the ideal path the car has to take on the course and is marked by Inner Clipping Points, Outer Clipping Points, and Transition Zones


This measures the amount of counter-steer and relative rear slip angle a driver uses through the course.

Overall Impression:

It's how the (3) judges generally feel of run made in concordence with other three criteria (above) through the entirety of the lap. This is the rule alot of people think is mostly taken into account (to an extent there are correct). It's a tri-fecta which plays into what points are given and where. The WWE is completey fake and is soley there to entertain people.

*Additionally, drivers get 2 runs (highest score for each driver is the one that is counted). All drivers start with 100 point and receive deductions through the run if they fail to meet the strict guidelines outlined by the judges during the drivers' meeting.Spins, major under-steer or push, or having two (2) tires off-course at any point during the pass results in an automatic zero (0) score.

Drifting (although entertaining) is a competitive multi-million dollar operation that is quickly gaining popularity here in the US.
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