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BanditOne 07-13-2014 11:37 PM

83 mustang lx convertable
Ok guys so how rare is this car?

BanditOne 07-13-2014 11:38 PM

My neighbor has had one in his garage since 05 and it was a project... He got 80 percent and didn't finish it, he started drinking lol... And I picked it up for beer money

BanditOne 07-13-2014 11:40 PM

Well i popped the hood and the dist wasn't installed so I did that and it sparked an I sprayed some starting fluid an I got a pop so I went on to fuel... Well he drained the tank so I put some gas in it... Fuel pump isn't on... Sooo then I go and find out he was installing a Holley 2 barrel tbi, that when I looked up costs 1200 bucks today.... Well he didn't wire it right... So I chased that all down and boom fuel pump kicks on injector spray and we have life!

BanditOne 07-13-2014 11:43 PM

So I check fluid and linkage and brakes and everything... The oil that was in it, looked brand spanking new, like clear and no black at all like he just put it in, so I fire it up, fiddle with the tbi and go do some smokey burnouts...

BanditOne 07-13-2014 11:47 PM

But now the bad parts, the paint is rough... But it MIGHT be salvaged with a color sand and buff... The exhaust has a few leaks, but there is 0 rust under the car, looks like a bad cat delete, the top looks new... But the back window is ripped along the bottom Seam, the engine needs cleaned up cuz with the tbi all the old stuff you don't use needs taken out... Then the tires are junk, but it has American racing rims... Then the interior is completely out except the driver seat... The parts are all there, and the seats are new and aftermarket...

BanditOne 07-13-2014 11:52 PM

Now my questions are... Just as a driving fixer upper what is it worth? What is it worth with everything put back together? Does the 5 speed a and fuel injection add value? Or detract because you looks the originality... Is it worth 2500 just running and driving or 1200 bucks? If I put a grand into and the time to make it 100 percent will it be worth 10 grand? Or 3500 bucks? Any help on what to do or what these cars go for would be a great help the only 83 lx convertable for sale in the country I found was all original with 7k miles for 12 grand... So I don't know....

65Raven65 07-17-2014 07:01 PM

Not a convertible, but my neighbor has an '83 T-top GT. He paid $2500. It was in pretty good shape when he bought it, but it had an electrical problem that he had to track down and fix.

It's a good looking early foxbody.

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