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lowering 2009 gt


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Default lowering 2009 gt

I know this is probably an age old question here but I gotta ask I want to lower my 2009 gt using the ford racing K springs it says its 1.5 inch drop front and back my question is what all needs to be done can I get by with just the springs or do I need to change more such as the pan hard bar and camber caster plates or can I get by with just new camber bolts also what about bump steer will I have an issue with that too, and pinion angle will this come into play and be a problem thanks in advance for all the help
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A good place to start is, Lowering your 05/06 Mustang GT but even though it is full of a lot of useful information, it's a long read but it's worth it!

I think 1.5" is enough to require making other changes, at least that's what I've found going from stock to a 1" drop all the way around to 1.5 in the rear and 1.25 in the front.

When I dropped 1" on Roush springs, I also replaced the shocks and struts with Tokico D-Specs and installed camber plates. There was no need for the Panhard bar as the axle didn't shift or it shifted to being right about dead center.

When I installed Steeda Ultralite Springs, the 1.5" in the rear shifted the axle enough that I needed to install an adj. panhard bar. I also installed an adj. upper control arm to adjust pinion angle.

I'd recommend replacing the shocks and struts while replacing the springs, install camber plates but you could probably use camber bolts, install an adj. panhard bar and an adj. upper control arm.

As for bumpsteer, you could probably get it lowered, then determine if you need a bumpsteer kit or not. The way they describe if you need it at Steeda, If your car is lowered and has tracking issues and less predictable steering behavior, you need a bump steer kit.
- See more at: http://www.steeda.com/steeda-mustang....sy9BqpdO.dpuf

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I strongly recommend an adjustable panhard bar to center the rear end after you install the k-springs.

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I remember when I was contemplating lowering my car that anything over a 3/4" drop of the S197's changes the geometry enough to strongly consider parts to compensate for the drop. You might be able to drive it, but it definitely won't be up to optimal driving. Also, it creates premature wear on things when the geometry is off, so you're gunna end up buying parts either way. Might as well do it right from the beginning.
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Definitely do the shocks and struts too. If the car was brand new, I'd say it was ok to leave the stock ones. You shocks are 6 years old and probably need to be replaced pretty soon anyways, might as well since your taking everything apart anyhow.
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The biggest thing I'd tell you to get when lowering are better shocks and struts.

As for the rest. Lots of opinions to be sure. My opinion is that you *NEED* nothing else, when you think of need as something you better have lest you have 'issues'.

Might you want an adjustable PHB? Sure you might. But the car doesn't shift that much from the drop. Shelby GT's are lowered without one (or anything else mentioned here) and aside from some crappy/harsh OEM damper valving, they don't exactly drive badly. I won a lot of National Championships in one that was mostly stock but for better dampers, alignment, tire changes and different brake pads and endlinks.

You do not NEED anything but the springs to lower the car. That's just fact. You should consider other parts like the dampers to better control the lower, and stiffer springs. Remembering that the stock dampers are kind of crappy to start with for taller and softer springs.

You might consider something to fix the front end alignment as you will get a lot more negative camber than you have now from the drop. You don't HAVE to do this, again I point to the Ford sold and warrantied Shelby GT... but they shrewdly um, let's say enhanced the alignment specs to put the results in the green.

Look, I sell parts just like lots of others. And frankly it's pretty stupid of me, strictly speaking in terms of sales to be as honest with you as I am (and I am with everyone). But I own the place, I don't work commission, I am a car guy, and I just want happy customers, because happy customers come back over and over. So I think it's better in the long run to be upfront and say that you don't need all this jazz.

And Bumpsteer kits? No way do you need that.
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