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Default Shelby for Touring?

I have been doing my homework on the various years, models, colors, etc. for the last year or so. I will be buying my first Shelby in the coming year. I have wanted one for a long time. Besides the looks and performance, the main reason I am buying the car is for week long, 2,000 mile road trips several times a year. I have started to worry a bit, because I see alot of the GT500's with low miles. I am wondering if maybe this isn't such a good choice for trips? I am planning on a convertible and doing trips to the Smoky Mountains, Great lakes shoreline drives, New England summer trips, etc. I guess I have never really thought much about whether this car is actually comfortable for these kind of trips. Been in love with the car for years, but never really thought about whether it's good for these kind of trips.

I am not concerned so much about gas mileage, mainly concerned about comfort, ease of driving, etc. Will be my girlfriend and I. No backseat passengers. Again, thinking of convertible...

Thanks for any help,

Chris McCarthy
Upper Sandusky, OH
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I just did a 200 mile day trip and it was the perfect car for it! I would have loved to keep going for a week!!!
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Bought our 07 convertible in August 08--brand new and took it on it's first road trip in October of that year. From Kentucky (near Nashville, TN) to Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a hoot! Since then, we've done Gatlinburg & the Smoky's, Panama City Beach--all in the 1500--1800 mile round trip range. We've also done several 200-300 mile jaunts. We're up to 27k on the clock now. I'm so glad I bought the 500 instead of the Shelby GT as the 500 is more of a Grand Touring car whereas the SGT is a much better track car. Wife and I are both big folks and we ride very comfortably in it. The ride is good, the cockpit is snug, but comfortable--I miss the "junk room" of my F-150 some times, but you just have to find a place for GPS, phones, glasses, etc. and keep them there. It's exceptionally quiet for a convertible with the top up and not bad with it down. One accessory I would highly recommend is a wind screen behind you, as it changed the whole character of the convertible experience. This car is my 8th convertible and I love the wind in my hair, but wife gets tired of scarfs, hats, etc, blowing around all the time and the wind screen was well worth the $350 or so it cost. Not only does it keep your hair mostly on your head, but extends the capabilities of the heating/ac too. Much warmer in the fall, much cooler in the summer! Trunk is roomier than you think--I have installed a pocket pod on the trunk lid to keep small items in and off the trunk floor, but a small cooler fits nicely in either side of the back seat, clothes for a week at the beach (or mountains) fit nicely in the trunk! As a touring car, I don't think you'll be disappointed! What I love is that it will idle along through a steamy summer day at, say Shiloh National Military Park, as you sight see and never complain, never overheat, never give you any indication that you're stressing it. Then you can hit the open road and turn all 500 horses loose and she's just as happy! I think my profile has a link to my photo album with pics of her in the mountains, maybe some at the beach.....

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I forgot to add (my wife reminded me over the weekend) that we're headed to Panama City Beach in it over Spring Break in April and to the Smoky's in October. We're both looking forward to the road trips in it! Good luck!

BTW, CarMax has 3-4 verts on hand right now!
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Old 03-05-2012, 10:15 PM   #5
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These cars are great for road trips - plenty of power and speed when you want / need it, great sound systems, and a blast to drive. I've taken a few trips in my '09 GT 500 and it was fantastic ! I highly recommend these cars !
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I think it would be fine, Matt Farah took one on the bullrun a while back. And his back isn't all that. He wouldn't suffer trough a nationwide rally I am sure.
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Old 03-12-2012, 09:31 PM   #7
Castor Troy
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I find this car to be very friendly toward long journeys. I am taking it to PA and then Deal's Gap later this month. Plenty of painter's tape and 5 hour energys!
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You see them with low miles because some people just don't believe in driving their fun cars, they think they have to 'protect their value' and whatnot. Silliness, I say! I have driven my 04 all over, to Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, up into the Smoky Mountains like you're wanting to do. It's comfortable enough and fun to drive on those kind of road trips. A friend of mine has a 2011 GT500 and it's sooo much more comfortable than mine. So as enjoyable as I find mine to be on road trips, I have to imagine the newer Shelby GTs would be great on road trips!

And like wheelman said, the trunk is quite functional. Even though you lose some space to the convertible top, there's still enough for a good road trip. My GF and I are able to get the luggage back there just fine, so long as I force her to limit her packing to reasonable levels. Some smaller bags usually go on the floor behind the front seats, but we do fine on road trips in it. It's the only way to drive!

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You lose some space in the trunk with the convertible. It will hold just one big hard bag, and maybe some room for a few small soft bags, assuming it isn't also full with yuor bag of detailing products and car cover!
Use the back seat for some soft luggage or gym bags. There are no hooks to hang anything, in case you are traveling to a wedding or something, so keeping a suit wrinkle-free can be an issue, but one that very few here will encounter!
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Go for it!!! You're going to love the Shelby.....long trips/short trips. I certainly can't speak for the 2013, but my 12 is awesome.
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