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Default Cobra thread gude to beating an evo

Ok so I have been trying to research on how the cobra can beat the evo 8. I know alot about the evos because I owned a lancer and i love the car but I bought an 01 cobra becuase it was way cheaper than the evo 8. "retards buying them up for alot of money"

01 Cobra
Horsepower - 271 to the wheels, 320 at the crank 15% loss in drivetrain
weight - 3560

03 Evo 8
Horsepower - 240 at the wheels, 271 at the crank 15% Loss in drivetrain
Weight - 3241

Horsepower for the cobra is great, there is a 319lb difference in the weight.

I read online the suspension alone can reduce the weight up to 150lbs, Now I need to figure out what else you can do to remove another 150 to be at the same weight as the evo 8. Yes the evo can get down to 2700 pounds with a complete removal of all equipment but thats not common if your on the highway unless your unlucky.

If I can remove 320 pounds of weight of my cobra and spend about 7k, as I would an evo 8. I would get more out of the cobra than I would with the evo and no other car would be able to dominate it.

thats not counting me putting a procharger on it as well, so help me think of ways to improve my car, because I was thinking about selling it and getting the evo because I know more about tuning that car and the mods to make it fast. But I will admit my cobra is pretty sexy!
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Does anyone know how much weight would be removed from the complete stock exhuast vs longtube headers, x pipe and magnaflow exhaust?
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If you are trying to remove weight, take out the spare tire and jack. Also, most 03 Evo's are making closer to 230awhp... Additionally, they fall off in the higher gears. AWHP cars tend to fall off around 90mph from my experience. The main problem between racing the two is how much of an advantage the Evo has from a dig. From a roll, the Cobra should slowly walk it.
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your exhaust wont do a whole lot maybe 50lbs or something since youll be gettin rid of heavy mufflers and cats....your k member can help alot with weight reduction...upper lower control arms will do alot also...why not add some more power intake exhaust gears tune!!!
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It depends on the race for one, for two your leaving out a crucial factor. Torque.
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a little money spent in the suspension and the right tire will make the Cobra workable from a a dig.
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Wouldn't the Evo have a higher percentage of loss since its AWD? I've heard up to 20%. Not sure if it's correct though.
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i would spank EVO's in my 05 slightly modded GT. (with 20s)
& I believe the 01 cobra is very similair to the 05.

with mods from a dig, it's the best drivers race.
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