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Default ECU/Ignition Issues During Track Day Activity

I have a street legal '98 Cobra that I just recently started taking to track days. The first event out I encountered an issue where the engine's powerband went "flat" through lower RPMs (3000-4000) and went away at higher revs after pushing through the hickup. This turned out to be a coil pack issue that went away at the track after replacing one. However, after the change a similar hesitation would intermittently arise with the powerband going "flat" at 4000 RPM. This time though, the issue would temporarily go away if the car was briefly shut off and the ignition turned back on. After 5-7 minutes of running, the issue comes back, reset the ignition, temporarily resolve, repeat. I thought this may be ECU related because of it being resolved with the ignition being cycled, but no codes were thrown or stowed in the car. As a precaution I replaced the 2nd coil pack following the first track day. A month later I took the car to the track and the issue showed up again. This time though, it gradually became more frequent, clearing up for 5-7 minutes after an ignition cycle like before, but eventually not clearing up at all until the car got to cool off in between sessions. This is not a condition that shows itself at all in normal driving conditions, just on the track when pushed. The coil packs, wires, plugs are all new Motorcraft parts, and apart from the intermittent issue the car does not seem to be suffering from any symptoms of ignition problems. Is it possible that the ECU could be overheating? Has anyone experienced any similar conditions? I received one suggestion that the ECU could have a crack on the internal board(s) and heat expansion causes the symptoms to arise. If it's not damaged and just getting hot, could it possibly be resolved by uncovering the ECU and having some sort of heat exchanging fan to circulate air over the unit? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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