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Default My project car - Angel Blue

Howdy all, just recently moved into the Nashville area (Currently in Brentwood) and the chapter prez may be on vacation - I haven't heard back from putting my name in last month.

So, that being said, I just wanted to let others know about my project car and about recent experiences I've had in the area.

First, allow me to introduce to you Angel Blue. She's a 2005 V6 Mustang with 29k miles on her. No, that's not a typo, I didn't miss a 1 in front of it. She's got 29k on her - front to back. Never been in an accident, no issues - perfect little garage kept gem. In short, best car I've ever found for a project.

Now, recently...I was driving Angel Blue down I65 and had a dump truck hit a bump on the road and spray my car with pea gravel. When I get home, I have 2 chips in the windshield and leaking anti-freeze.

So I take it to the Franklin Ford dealership (It's the only place I know - I've just moved here) and they say there's no stone damage under the hood, it was just a coincidence and this perfectly running Mustang just magically sprung a leak at the cap and the thermostat was sticking. So, because I need the car running and don't have A) My tools and B) a place to work, I had them do it. $1000 later, everything's fixed (except the windshield - they don't do that...really?) and the next day? Check engine light comes on. So, I take it over there and they run a slew of diagnostics and say "It's either $1,000 for a new fuel pump...or it *may* be the gas cap's bad..."($50 plus they'd want to ding me for the diagnostics...) but either way, they recommend I run it almost empty - NOT to fill it back up, just in case they have to replace that fuel pump...

So, fast forward to this morning when I get back from vacation and said, "Screw it" and refueled find my fuel cap almost falling off, because it's been put on really loosely.

Just so we're clear, I tighten my fuel cap until it clicks - every single time. Somebody loosened it. Now, considering it sat at their center and in my garage the whole time...obviously I'm going to assume garage gremlins did it. LoL!

Yeah so, I need to know of an excellent garage - preferably a custom/Ford/Mustang specialist garage in the area. Anyone have any suggestions?

I've tightened the gas cap and I'm figuring the check engine light should go away within a week.

As to my project build, I'm planning on (most likely):

For Go:

Swapping out the rear with a GT 8.8 for the limited slip.
Upgrading the front brakes to the GT model.
Lower profile tires and larger rims (Probably won't go overboard, maybe 18-20" max - basically I want better cornering tires, not massive bling wheels)
Performance suspension/sway bars, possibly with an 1-1.5" drop (again, for function, not looks)
Aluminum drive shaft.
Full Tune.

For Show:

Ford Concept hood to keep things cool on the underside.
Fog light grill.
LED light strips under footwell and behind front seats, linked to dome lights for ease of use.
Clarion NX604 to modernize Angel Blue into the 21st century (GPS, bluetooth and USB audio).
Billet fuel cap cover and matching locking cap.

Beyond that, I'll have to start checking out other car interiors to see what I like/don't like for style.

If anyone has any suggestions or helpful tips (This is my first S197 build) please feel free to post or message.

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awesome and welcome to nashville!
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