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Old 12-10-2008, 01:06 AM   #21
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you shouldn't be going 120 on any public road regardless of what your car is made to do... the type of car has little to do with people being morons...

friend of mine borrowed his dad's friend's brand new vette to take to prom... he picked it up after school, and him and a friend took it out for a spin to hang out at a buddie's house.. he was showing the car off on a road he didn't go down very often.. anybody who drives down that road semi normally; knows that about 1/8 mile before the curve there is a part of the road that (if there arn't any cars coming) you just merge into the left lane to avoid the fairly large bump... i guess he didn't know about it, or didn't remember and hit it going 105; lost control and wrapped it around a sapling about 30 feet off the road (mind you its a corvette at 105).. killed the passanger...

now he has to live with that..
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Old 12-11-2008, 07:04 PM   #22
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^ +1. Having a passenger changing things, at least it did for me. The last time I did anything stupid I had a passenger, and after safely getting out of that (after like 3 corrective manuevers) I won't ever drive stupid again. You have to realize that even if you don't have a passenger, you risk the lives of other drivers - but when it's someone you love sitting next to you, trusting you, it feels different. I wont ever risk that again.
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Old 01-20-2009, 03:21 AM   #23
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I've been to 140 before. Thank god my car was dependable.

This definitely sent a shiver down my spine and wrecked my masculine feeling of immortality. I wrecked the stang doing 70... neither me nor my passenger was hurt (another guy)... but it was definitely stupid of me. And I was at the time of the wreck trying to get OUT of a bad situation. Thankfully god saw fit for me to get out. I'm in debt, now, I suppose. I am looking forward to seeing what he has in store for me. Right now I guess it's to take care of the little lady in my life.

thankfully she's letting me get another stang but never again will i street race. The feeling of panic after a wreck, not knowing quite what to do is disgusting. The cops patronizing you...

granted I knew exactly how to handle the situation: call insurance first thing, don't tell anybody what's going second thing (there was a truck trying to run me off the road, but I didn't want to complicate things since I didn't have a plate or anything), etc. Just collect my insurance check, recover, go home, and be thankful neither of us was hurt.

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Old 01-27-2009, 12:07 AM   #24
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Figured I'd toss this up here instead of starting a thread for it.

Pretty self explanitory... taken from a forum in Orlando, FL:

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Old 01-27-2009, 12:23 AM   #25
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wow...thats great...
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Old 01-27-2009, 12:29 AM   #26
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Thats funny! Makes you wonder....
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Old 01-29-2009, 08:56 AM   #27
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wow thats horrible.
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Old 02-08-2009, 11:05 PM   #28
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posted on facebook
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Old 02-11-2009, 06:45 PM   #29
SuPa StaLLiOn 7
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2 summers ago teens were racing on a street where I have been before. And let me tell you, it isn't the street where you drag race. Its quite hilly and curvy and I would never think of racing there. a '94 GT was involved along with a Honda Accord. Girl in the Accord was killed while everyone else survived. I believe she was sitting in the back in the middle and was ejected. The GT was said to have nitrous-oxide injection, but they say it wasn't hooked up. I drove by and seen the memorial where they crashed, and I couldn't believe they were doing 100 mph. One of this kids has been cited for previously driving reckless. Just ridiculous.


Here's the pic of the Honda the girl was in.
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Old 02-12-2009, 01:17 AM   #30
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That story kinda makes me sick
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