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door dings

Old 02-26-2008, 05:14 PM
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Default door dings

[:@]I guess this is a bitch! It's the season here in Florida, and all the snowbirds and tourists are back. GO HOME! It bugs the hell outta me when inconsderate people open their car doors and crash them into the side of my car. I've obtained a couple of beauties lately and am really pissed. Yeah I'll get over it, but wanted to know if you're a little **** like me and try to park your car in places where "you think" people can't get to your doors or fenders? I swear, no matter where I seem to park lately, some idiot finds his way right next to the side of my car. Hope you're more accepting of this than me. [sm=badbadbad.gif]

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Old 02-26-2008, 05:24 PM
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Default RE: door dings

i with you, tampa sucks for door dings. I always hug a curb and park out in BFE and pray that noone will park next to me. But i'm sure it will catch up to me. There'll be a lone shopping cart one of these days with just enough wind to go allllll the way down the parking lot and slam into my car. *shudders by the thought of it*
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Old 02-26-2008, 05:42 PM
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Default RE: door dings

I park out in East Jesus so I don't have that going on, but when my wife used to drive our old 67 Coupe to work, there was this large woman that always had to struggle to get out of her car. She parked next to the 67 and opened her door into the 67 and then sort of wallowed her way out of her car using her door for leverage. Her door stayed in contact with our door the whole time. The end result was zig zag door ding marks all over the stang. It was FUBAR'd.
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Old 02-26-2008, 05:53 PM
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Default RE: door dings

When I know I'm going to a busy parking lot (Dulles Town Center Mall) I park as FAR from everyone as possible, drivers-side next to a curb. I do a walk around of my car every time I get in it when a car is parked next to mine, I have found other nice mustangs like my passenger side. (I appreciate that)

I normally double park at an angle when I'm at work (back of building) several of us that take pride in their cars do. I'll be happy to pay the ticket if I ever get caught at work. I would do this in more in public if I wasn't trying to put together $5500.00 for my mods.

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Default RE: door dings

I have thought about getting this product. The only thing that concerns me is, it's magnetic and it might mess up the metallic flakes in the paint.

What do you guys think?
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Default RE: door dings

ORIGINAL: 07 Stang

I have thought about getting this product. The only thing that concerns me is, it's magnetic and it might mess up the metallic flakes in the paint.

What do you guys think?
Thats a good Idea for a product, but I could see it backfiring and someone pulling it off and scratching the hell out of it, or seeing it and thinking it will protect the car, so they swing the door open as hard as they can. Thus causing damage to your car as well. IDK, it could be the best purchase you make though as well...
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Default RE: door dings

I always park mine as far away from people as I can. However, Sat. I was pi$$ed beyond belief when I found one in the rear quarter. The car that parked next to me was already gone (Lucky Them!).Has anyone had paintless dent repair one on the rear quarter right over the quarter flair yet?
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Default RE: door dings

In parking lots, I always try to park so far away, that there are no cars near me. And even then, I will always take an end space. And even then, if there are lots of unoccupied spaces, I will always put my wheels a bit in the space next to me, so that no one will want to park next to me. I did this once in a near empty parking lot, and some fat bitch in a minivan still parked next to me. Couldn't believe it.

Someone at my wife's work parked too close to her one day while my wife was still in her car. This bitch was so close, my wife couldn't even get out of her car. Next day, my wife comes out to her car to see the bitch had done the exact same thing. As my wife squeezed into her car, she made sure to drag her keys across the entire length of this woman's minivan. I thought it was a bit excessive, but if someone had done that to me in my Mustang, I probably would have caved in the side of their car with my boot.

In my experience, the worst cars and drivers on the road are minivans, which makes sense when you think about it. Nobody buys a minivan because they think it's cool, so nobody who drives one gives a damn if anything happens to it or not. In almost every other segment of the car market it's possible to find something you can be proud to drive. Coupes, sedans, Pick-ups, SUVs. Not so the minivan. Watch out for them, for they are the enemy.
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Default RE: door dings

I park out in BFE too. However there are people that HATE other people that have nice things and get pleasure parking there Junker right next to you just to let you know it. I always park far out and have had junk pull right next to me. I even got a Nasty note on my car one day at the store because I parked all the way out on the very end and took 2 spots and some guy parked next to me just so he could tell me how much he hated me for it. There are people that just hate others because they do not have what you got. That is Sad. I know it's just a car but pride in keeping it nice is a hobby like tricking it out, some people just don't get that.
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Default RE: door dings

Hey there everyone My friend has a mustang also and he had a dent on the fender. We took it to the dealer the dealer had a ding guy. It magically disappeared it's like it never happened. Cost him $125.00 andy dings dents these guys know what there doing. Make sure you go to the dealer they know the best.
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