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Default Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 ... my personal review

It is early fall and needed to changed out of my summer performance tires into something more compatible with the cooler autumn temps. The Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 promised great handling and ride quality with all-season capability. Driving a sports car on summer performance tires can really spoil you when it comes to handling expectations and I can happily report that these tires do live up to the hype. The turn in and responsiveness is incredible considering that it's an all season tire. The wet traction is remarkable. They were very well composed with zero hydroplaning issues at highway speeds in a couple of very hard rain storms. I did drive them on a very icy morning and while, not nearly as capable as a winter tire, I found them to be very stable and predictable when dealing with the slippery over passes. Treadwear is still an unknown but, so far I am impressed. Well done Michelin, you have a winner with the new Pilot Sport AS3 and I would highly recommend them. I can't wait to see how they do in the snow. #PSAS3

Now these are all-season tires and I have no misconceptions about these PSAS3's vs. true winter tires but, I am going to give these a run in the first couple of snows unless they are predicting several inches of the fluffy stuff or more. I already have a set of winter tires on another set of wheels in my garage ready to go.
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After several weeks and miles on these PSAS3's I now have a better feel for them especially considering a couple of recent snow events we have had in our area. In the dry these tires continue to impress me with their almost, performance tire, feel and grip even in cooler temps. The wet grip is equally impressive with very little hydroplaning or loss of traction. The steering response and communicative nature really allow you to push them a little harder than any other all-season tires I have driven as witnessed by a fine gentleman with flashing lights on top of his car. We discussed their grip and ability at length on the side of the road. Thankfully, I did not leave that meeting with any papers explaining what he thought about my exploring their ability and limits.

The snow and ice traction is pretty much what I thought it would be. While, they were able to plod through the snow, the level of snow and ice grip was only, what I would consider, somewhat acceptable. I was able to get moving as their forward bite was adequate but, I found myself sliding sideways and counter steering at anything close to moderate throttle applications. Braking in the snow was better than I expected as was lateral grip.

I really enjoy driving these Pilot Sport AS3's in most conditions but, if you live in an area that sees real winter conditions with moderate to significant snowfall and icy conditions you can get through with these but, they will not deliver true confidence inspiring winter traction and performance. I would say that they are, all in all, a very good all-season tire and the less winter weather you see the better you will like them.

Simply put, in the snow and ice they are acceptable, not exceptional but, the dry and wet performance delivered is pretty impressive #PSAS3
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Thanks for the info. Good to know. I'll be looking for something like this to replace my Nittos, which are scarey in wet conditions.
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Good info to know for those running AS tires.
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