Trying to bring my baby back to life little by little. Here is my 1998 3.8L Mustang. I've had it since I was a senior in high school back in 2000.....many memories! I slid on some snow and hit a pole about 2 years ago. Well, it's a long process, but it's getting closer and closer.

Plans are to put a black 2005 style wing (if it will fit) on as the stock one is cracked. Then, fix the rip in the bumper cover and put a Mach1 chin spoiler underneath along with rear window louvers to finish the Mach look. A billet grill will fill the grill on top and bottom. The interior is personally customized, and planning to do a bit more. Also want to put another sound system in it with a 7" screen in the dash. That's about it for looks.

As far as mods, I want to put a CAI with X-pipe & flowmaster 40s, bigger throttle body, and MAS. I'm going to upgrade to a 4.10 gear with T-lok. Thinking of putting a 75 dry shot on it as well. Just looking to hit low 9s on an 1/8, so we'll see.

I always wanted to fix it up. Now I have a reason, and for once all I have is time.

Done so far...

16" Ford Racing chrome dipped aluminum rims
Cobra R SVO hood
Ford Racing hood pins
Black C stripe and MUSTANG rear insert decals
Altezza tail lights
Black dual halo headlights
GT foglights
20% tint

Custom painted trim
Cobra air bag covers
Reverse glow guages
Black/Blue racing seats

K&N air filter
BBK underdrive pulleys