Ford Mustang V6 2005-2014: Window Tint Modifications

Window tint modifications are one of the most popular and affordable ways to change the appearance of your 2005-2014 Ford Mustang V6.

By Charlie Gaston - October 2, 2015

This article applies to the Ford Mustang V6 (2005-2014).

So, you want to upgrade the exterior of your Ford Mustang V6? You have a number of interesting and eye-catching options, all of which are priced for buyers with at least some concern for cost. However, that is not to say that these DIY and professional-level projects are not top-of-the-line. They are! They just don't come with top-of-the-line prices, which is exactly why we've chosen to include them in this exciting, must-see guide. We want you to have the option of choosing from the best-priced and most well-reviewed window tint modifications on the market today. Let's get started with our top picks!

Window Tint Modifications

Choose from small to large-scale window tinting projects for your Mustang. You won't need to tint your windshield or door windows if you don't want to. You can start with your signal lights and work your way to your door windows and windshield at a later time, if you prefer. When it comes to window tinting, the truth is you have a number of options.

Window Tint on Fog Light Lenses

DIY Cost$7+

Professional CostOne hour of labor

Skill LevelEasy - you won't need any hard-to-use tools

This is the cheapest and fastest way to change the look of your Mustang. Start by removing the light assembly from your vehicle. Cut the tint film to size, remove the backing, and then apply the sheet using soapy water and a squeegee (or as directed by the manufacturer) to remove bubbles that might be trapped underneath the film.

Using a 20% tint on your fog lights still allows light to pass through, while providing a unique look overall. Other exterior lights you might want to cover include your side marker lights, front and rear turn signal lights and tail lights. You could go as light as 5% for the lightest tint possible.

Intermediate Door Window Tints

DIY CostDIY not recommended

Professional Cost$200-$300

Skill LevelProfessional installation is required

When it comes to achieving privacy, reducing your exposure to uncomfortable sunlight and glare while driving, or simply ramping up the style-factor of your Mustang, an intermediate-level window tint is your best option. Most Mustang owners stick to a 30% tint on their door windows and a 50% tint on their rear window. However, a number of tint combinations are available, including leaving the front windshield clear. State laws vary, so check the maximum tint percentage allowed in your state before having your windows tinted, or you could face hefty fines if you're caught by the police. Other options include a light tint (50%) or a dark tint (30% to 20%).

Spray-on Tint

DIY Cost$10 - $20

Professional CostN/A

Skill LevelEasy; No specialized tools are required

This is a well-reviewed modification that many Mustang owners believe out-performs traditional window tints and films. You won't be able to spray your front windshield, rear window or door windows, but you certainly can spray your tail lights, side marker lights, and turn signal lights to achieve the "muscle" look that is so popular among Mustang drivers. It's recommended that you finish the job with a clear coat; doing so will produce optimum results and reduce fading. Allow the tint to properly dry before hitting the road again.

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